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  1. Balls on the changes says ''...we wanted the football structure in place for the beginning of the close season'' As football is all about money now I think its because they know season tickets sales will tumble if things don''t look much more positive by then.
  2. Yawn...better improve soon bor! My old granny could pass the ball quicker...
  3. Not like the old days...rubbish compared to when we filled the Churchman end or whatever that excuse for a stand was called..
  4. I like the flares I think they look great...just need to let them off properly...elfnsafety and all that...nanny state!
  5. If we were allowed to put a sofa in the opposition''s penalty area for him to lay on between attacks then he''d be a great signing.That is frikkin hilarious...nice one!
  6. I couldn''t get one either, been a fan for over 50 years and feel the same as you, but you are clearly wasting your time arguing with someone as arrogant and ignorant as Morty...
  7. One of the best goals of the season and one even Arsenal would have been proud of! 17 snappy passes and a great touch and finish from Redmond. I could not stop replaying it...
  8. Everyone played brilliantly to a man but what stood out for me was Johnson winning a lot of Ruddy''s punts in there in the air (knock ons to Jerome who was also amazing ). I did not realise Johnno could jump like a gazelle! Also Bassong won everything in the air in defense and had the highly rated Bamford in his pocket most of the game. As he did with Murphy of Ipswich...he has come on great guns under Neil.Terrific game (though I had to watch on TV) and for once I was not a nervous wreck as we played so amazingly well! Neil has given them confidence from his calmness and preparation...what a great manager he is!
  9. Nice work, but how can you ever be a neutral again after he game v Ipswich and that experience at Wembley?!
  10. The fact the Boro fans (so called) ran away when you and your daughters approached is testament to your bravery and their lack of it. I hope the norwich lads are okay and hopefully it won''t spoil their great day out too much.
  11. Get in there Daly, I boxed at Norwich lads club too and if you need any back-up to teach these idiots a lesson count me in...not that you would need it I am sure.
  12. Any news on possible non-member tickets please? Been a supporter for over 50 years but live away from Norwich now. Used to stand in the Barclay when it was terracing and went to most of the away games. Times change and I''m happy for current season ticket holders and I guess I should have signed up as a priority member. Such is life, I will watch it on the TV and be very proud of the team and the Yellow Army!
  13. Problem with the mounted police is it gets the Scummers horney.LMAO
  14. Jesus Christ this forum has just jizzed all over itselfLMAO mrs...brilliantly sums it up
  15. Give the guy a break...it often takes players a year to get used to the demands of English football. He may yet come good for us...I truly hope so, then all you ridiculous ''outers'' can go get a life.
  16. What a great added incentive, to prove all these pathetic doubting yellow bellies wrong! I for one support the decision and I know there will be many others. How sad are all you moaning doubters...before a ball has even been kicked in the championship no less?!Bring on the vitriol, I don''t give a toss, you are all so pathetic. Onwards and Upwards...COYY
  17. Well said LC...we should all be getting behind Neil. What must he think if he reads this site?  Its rapidly losing credibility anyway due to the idiotic comments.
  18. I don''t feel good about Mackay''s apology to Vincent Tan. I am sure he had to make it as part of the settlement and to pander to Tan''s ego, and though I am sure the settlement was sizable he could have stood his ground in court; I always thought he would have more integrity.Personally I would rather have Adams as manager.
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