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  1. I have close sources which suggest that a man named David Střihavka lit the flare........
  2. Now travelling here for a medical as clubs have reached provisional terms. You heard it here first.
  3. These players are football manager wizz kids. Just like Harry Kane............
  4. Really?! 29 isn''t he? Never scored a premier league goal I hear you say? Ok.
  5. I''m conducting a poll based on this post. Please answer accordingly: Who, that sat at the Peterborough game AND who are complaining on here ate a Prawn sandwich within the 90 minutes of the game, at half time or 30 mins either side of the match. Thank you for participating.
  6. [quote user="Militant Canary"]So someone with their first post starts a bulls**t rumour, and people actually take it seriously? We are not interested in Leroy Lita- I have no problem with him as he is an honest enough player, but we are a lot more ambitious than that. I''d be willing to bet good money on it.[/quote] You sound more sure than what I am. Are you certain that you aren''t the one making up ''BS'' rumours?...
  7. I have heard from a reliable source that Swansea have been approached for Leroy Lita by the club he had a loan spell at Birmingham that had been terminated due to injury but he has now fully recovered and finds the lack of first team football frustrating due to Graham and Michu. Seeing as he is a bit of a club legend ( top scorer in the relegation season) what would people think to this move. The Graham rumors are not true and it is in fact Lita we are chasing.
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