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  1. Holt to the end of the season I cannot see Holt being a regular starter next season (assuming he is still here). Bassong would be my choice.  
  2. Sorry Lord Horn but: seating were the only tickets available to us. Wanted to go on the terrace, stand and save a few quid!!!
  3. We were only offered tickets in the seating area as the terrace had sold out! This was also the case with the guys who sit next to us at Carrow Road and some of my work colleagues. Having said that, despite wanting to stand , when purchasing the tickets we accepted that we may be required to sit. As stated earlier, it has almost become accepted practice that the away fans stand during the match. Whilst not officially wanting to condone such, little attempt , if any, is made by grounds staff to get people seated. Any success is quickly undone by a free kick, corner, attack or in the case of NCFC a chant of."stand up if you hate the s**m!" Maybe, more clubs should look into creating family areas for away fans with strict control over standing, abusive behaviour etc. and controls over entry, i.e must be over 65 or accompanied by a child! There is something like that down at that Suffolk club and I think it works well. This would give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the game in the way they wish.
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