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  1. I can't really understand the rush to complete the FA Cup. Although the 2020-21 competition will start in August 2020 or thereabouts, the 8 clubs concerned won't start their next FA cup campaigns until January 2021 (if then!), so theoretically the 2019-20 final could be played at any time up to December 2020. Why not get the league sorted out, and then see how we are doing, and stage the last 3 rounds when crowds - hopefully - are allowed again. For me, Norwich being in the FA cup final (or even semi-finals) at Wembley, without having a chance to be there, almost makes me not care if we lose to Man U in the QF.
  2. Isn''t the key word here ''elderly''? Let''s assume he''s an over 75 supporter in the Barclay who doesn''t pay the academy surcharge, then he''s paying 305 quid for a product that the ticket office can immediately sell to someone on the waiting list for up to 604 quid. This might change if and when the waiting list dries up, but for now you bite his hand off if he voluntarily gives up his season ticket. The posters comparing this to Sky certainly don''t get it. Sky doesn''t have a limit of 25,000 subscriptions.
  3. I wonder how long it will take him to save up to buy another laptop.
  4. Kick it off - You are right, "horrible-accented person" isn''t the same as "horrible person", and to imply that insinuation was totally unfair to you. My point really was that people''s accents are part of their identity, and not a fair basis for negative criticism. You are of course, perfectly entitled to your opinion of the way people from these regions sound, providing you don''t discriminate against them on that basis (in a job interview for example). Hopefully we can sign a player with a Brummie/Scouse/Essex accent who can score 20 goals this season and maybe change your opinion (the chances of such a signing seem negligible at the moment, admittedly).
  5. Good answer Feedthewolf, and cheers for the Twitter link, which is pretty funny, I have to admit.
  6. Kick it off - thanks for the thoughtful reply. To me, judging whole groups of people "horrible" by the way they sound isn''t very different to judging them on the way they look, and we have hopefully got past doing that. Personally, I think that''s quite an important issue, Also, when you say that you "don''t really have an accent", your accent is the way you pronounce your language, and you can''t speak without pronouncing. What I suspect you mean when you say you "don''t really have an accent" is that you have a public school accent., similar to Gideon "George" Osborne, for example, before he tried to change it to sound more working class. I''m not particularly upset about it, just intrigued that someone would use "horrible accented" it as an insult. Can I ask which accents you like?
  7. What are you doing here, Feedthewolf? Disrespecting the local accent from your own county? Is it merely self-hate, or are you implying that people who speak with a Norfolk accent are somehow ignorant? Interesting prejudice for a Norwich supporter if the latter.
  8. Ron Manager - what a terribly ignorant remark. Would you accept such simplistic nonsense applied to the Norfolk accent?
  9. "Horrible accented" Think about what you are saying here, kick it off. What would you think of someone who complained in this way about the Norfolk accent? Criticising someone on the basis of their accent is simply prejudiced and ignorant, and only serves to weaken the rest of your argument. Please refrain from casual linguicism in future if you wish to be taken seriously.
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