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  1. North Walsham Football Club are now actively seeking a Reserve team manager for the 2018/2019 season in the Anglian Combination. The successful applicant(s) would be asked to liaise with the first team and A team managers. Please email your interest to neiljcoop@btinternet.com Closing date 28/04/2018 Please share good club looking to progress.
  2. He used Norwich as an example anyone getting up the arse about this, get a grip. People call the capital ''London Town'' dont take offence to anything and everything said about NORWICH. (Fine City)
  3. I’m really struggling to see the love for Garry Monk!!!!   He brought the worst side I’ve seen from the premier league to carrow road last season when we beat them 1-0, Swansea were dreadful last season under him.   Leeds were in a position for playoffs yet they bottled and speaking to a couple of Leeds fans they say it was his tactical changes that is the reason for not competing in the playoffs now.   Only one man for the job and that’s Wagner once Huddersfield don’t make the playoff final I’m sure Webber will make his move. If Webber has questioned Huddersfield’s ambition the surly Wagner see''s that lack of it too?????   Wagner and Webber would have established transfer targets for Huddersfield for the summer thus making the transition quite easy and weeks of talks and planning won’t need to take place.   Come on Wagner.
  4. Good morning if any of you could sign this petition to help people of north walsham gain new facilities please do. Not just for current players and youth but for the future players and youth, and also for visiting teams/players to play at a decent well Looked after club. Thank again https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/northwalshamfootballclub
  5. While being on a tour of the training facilities last season, they stated that they need to upgrade it to make it better for players to relax and spend their downtime at the training ground. It once was state of the art, was it 2002 when they last spent money on it? Nothing has changed since then.   I understand a player like Klose coming in who knows no one and his family won’t have moved across with him, will want some private downtime, he doesn’t want to be mixing at the regular gyms around Norwich. They want to train have some lunch and chill out at colney.   The gym is dated and not modern enough, they should have a swimming pool with sauna facilities and a general area where players can chill in private. this is a massive reason why we can’t recruit players IMO,
  6. 4 weeks too late for me, defenders will have confidence that ruddy is back in, like i said fans will also get a lift from it. He will come for crosses and corners and command that penalty box. He is a big lump and like a previous poster stated , he fills a goal.
  7. Ruddy was good enough when we were promoted in 2010/2011 then played for 3 years in the BPL while also being included in the England squad. He was also good enough when promoted in 2014/15 you dont become a bad keeper over night. He is plenty good enough for us this season.
  8. We have conceded 15 in 6 games, it was time to drop McGovern today, and replace him with Ruddy.   AN made this mistake last season when putting Declan Rudd in. AN left him in for 3-4 games too long, and he has now made the same mistake this season.   For the confidence of the team, goalkeeper and the fans he should have been dropped.   I am slowly losing patience with AN inability to see the defensive fractures. McGovern is not at total fault but in my opinion the whole team would be boosted if Ruddy was returned to the starting line-up.
  9. I dont think people relise that players are just assets to the club.so potentially we are signing someone for a fee and in 2-4 years we sell him on for profit. Lots of clubs do this and appears norwich are trying to do it also.
  10. afobe ;)   Im not sure who, Naismith has a 1 in 4 ratio but plays anywhere along the front line and in the hole. Sebastian Haller has a good ratio but for smaller outfits. Like i said i dont know who but anyone who does come in up front now doesnt have long to start scoring.    
  11. 1 in 4 is hardly prolific. we need more goals than 10 in a season. works hard but not what we need right now.
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