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  1. What if Johnson or tettey get injured?! P
  2. Does anyone else think that we need some new midfielders. Central midfielders! to give tettey, Johnson and hoolahan a bit of competition. At the moment Holt isn''t getting the service, and that''s why he''s not scoring. There were several times I was screaming for a little through ball for holt when he was unmarked. we seem to be relying on the midfield to score. I haven''t got that much faith in Johnson or tettey scoring anytime soon. Just thing we need an extra really good quality midfielder instead if gambling 6-8m on Hooper.
  3. 19th minute clap for lappin. Minutes applause
  4. i''m just wondering. which area of the Barclay is the nosiest? and why do only one side stand up now. seems to be the side near hotel and snakepit are the loudess
  5. In my opinion if Ruddy was at a bigger team. he''d be number 1 england goalie. thats the thing that would lure him away from norwich. and yeah they are young. but Rudd i think could hack it at this level and be better than Bunn, considering we have the england goalkeeping coach. bunn is too small and doesn''t command his area.
  6. i understand how everyone loves Grant Holt. i love him myself. He''s a great leader. and know''s what he''s doing. but in my opinion we need a step up from him. We need our own Suar├ęz, banging in 20+ a season. Same with the whole of the midfield. the next level of quality is needed.
  7. At John Ruddy''s absence i haven''t seen Mark Bunn do anything that Declan Rudd or even Jed steer could do just as well, maybe even better. Mark Bunn was a waste of money in my opinion. Declan Rudd would''ve done just fine in my opinion. Think of the experience he''d of gained by now. I do fear that Declan and Jed will never get to play for us. Considering John Ruddy has what, 12 years left in him?
  8. I think it''s the case of wanting another player to come in with pace and have some competition for pilks
  9. ''Darrell Russell -> Andrew Crofts -> Jonny Howson'' I think if we want to establish our club as Premier League quality then we need to follow the trade, and go one more. Someone better than Howson. That''s key to the club progressing in this league. I think we need to do that in every position. Garrido, Tettey, Ruddy, Bassong. Those players in my opinion are in that next level of quality above the rest of the team. Signing players of Adam Johnson quality i think will push this club on furthur. Obviously things have to be done on a budget baring in mind.
  10. i exagerated with the Hughton hating him bit, but Bennett and Jackson did change the game. Bennett cross and then Pilkington to sky it indicated to me that he was really drained, that chance could have got us a point
  11. Hughton doesn''t like Bennett, can see him moving on to another club in the summer! i thought he was one of the best players against West Ham
  12. We need a pacey left winger. who has good feet and could change a game. Pilkington to me seems tired. He looks over confident as well, like he can take any player on. We don''t really have cover for him. Your thoughts?
  13. I fear Hughton has got into the trap of not wanting to change the team. i fear its unlucky a foreign striker will want to come in and sit on the bench covering for Holt
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