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  1. Lambert was able to motivate his players. Hughton struggles to do this.

    You got the impression the players under Lambert knew they were trusted by the manager and you could see this whenever they took to the field. A few of the fringe players (Alby being a prime example) fitted into the team seamlessly when called upon, even when they''d not had much action.

    A few of the lads this season, Fox and Bennett in particular, have looked completely devoid of confidence when picked under CH. You get the impression he doesn''t trust any of the squad bar the 14/15 regulars and I think this might be filtering throughout the squad. When you''re struggling to score a goal or carve out a chance with 70-75 minutes on the clock, it must be pretty depressing to thi I your manager doesn''t ave te faith that his subs could change the game.

  2. Why is an obsession from Hughton and some of our fans to have ''combative'' midfielders? They may be able to get ''stuck in'' but they offer very little in creative terms.

    The reason we''re not scoring goals is because no chances are being created. Johnson is a good battler, but most of his passing is woeful. He''s not a Premier League player.

    I think we should have been going for a passer alongside a battler for most of the season; Johnson/Tettey + another. Johnson and Tettey is overkill.

    The problem we have is who to play as the creative central player, have to rule out David Fox; it''s too late for him now and clearly not rated by CH. Howson has been poor for most of the season. Surs is injured.

    Personally I''m of the opinion you could play Wes in central midfield, which of course would give you the option to play two up top, Wes is a little battler and works hard, which is often overlooked by a lot of our fans. Plus he''s the only player in the first team picture who can create and try something different.

  3. [quote user="hootenanny"]

    It''s hard to judge Fox on a few appearances in cup games with a weakened team around him. That shouldn''t be a basis for saying a player isn''t up to Premier League standard.

    Last season he was up to it. He was key to us retaining possession in midfield and has the range of passing to launch counter attacks. Plus I think his set-piece deliveries are excellent.

    If Tettey or Johnson are out injured, Fox is far better in the holding, deep lying playmaker role than Howson.

    I don''t think his treatment has been fair and the few times he has been on the bench, I would have liked to see him replace a central midfield for the last 20 mins and see what he could do.





    You''re not Foxing wrong

  4. You can use stats however you like to suggest that we were a ''long ball'' team last season, but the fact of the matter is that we were not. On numerous occasions last season we played some very adventurous and exciting football. We didn''t always get the results but we worked damn hard to win the game. Can you really say that this season?

  5. There seems to be an obsession with centra midfielders who can tackle and "get stuck in", however, the likes of Johnson, Tettey et al have all been in the side when we''ve taken thumpings at the likes of Chelsea and Liverpool.

    David Fox''s qualities are certainly not defensively, but what he offers going forward cannot be underestimated. We struggle to score goals; not because of poor finishing but because we don''t create an awful lot of chances. Foxy would help us in thi way and help us retain the ball better. He knows exactly where he''s going to put it before it gets to him. We keep it moving and look much more lively going forward.

    My suggestion (although maybe too late; the boy has had hardly any football this season) is to play him alongside one of the lads who break it up.

    Anybody that was at London Road for the Cup game would have seen Foxy''s ball for Jacko''s goal. He saw his man, saw the pass and floated the perfect ball from 40 or 50 yards. No fluke. It was genius. It''s this sort of play we need if we''re going to create more chances.

  6. Why are you comparing us to Reading? Your argument doesn''t even make sense.

    Unless you have a crystal ball you have no idea what league position we''d be in if we were a more adventurous side.

    Unless I''m not mistaken, we had a better goal difference last season when we had a worse defensive record. The best form of attack is defence
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