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  1. (Apologise for the poorly formatted post, was a copy and paste job)

    Whether you agree or not, I''m just going to scribble down my thoughts on why Chris Hughton should be sacked.

    1) No new striker was bought in August. And yet Hughton seemed desperate to get rid of James Vaughan. Why? His injury record is not brilliant, but left us with a small group of strikers. Harry Kane, a rookie striker, was bought in last minute. Panic loan written all over it.

    2) Simeon Jackson. He started a few games early on and actually did OK for us. Was doing well against Liverpool at home but was hauled off at half time. Then we changed system and he''s hardly had a sniff since. A few sub appearances here and there, and thrown on with a couple of minutes to go when it''s too late. Clearly not rated by CH and I think Jacko knows it. His confidence has been destroyed.

    3) Elliott Bennett. Every time he''s had a decent game (Posh in the Cup, Reading at home, Swansea at home), he''s been dropped for the next game. And often replaced by players such as Pilks who have been mainly ineffective. Again, his confidence must have been shot to pieces.

    4) Substitutions. Inability by our manger to change a game. They''re often too late or substitutions by numbers. Suggests he has no faith in his bench - no wonder our squad lacks belief.

    5) Away performances. Chris Hughton is obviously quite happy to take a point before we even kick-off. There''s been several away matches where we''ve shown no intent to win the game, a lot of these against teams for the taking. Reading, QPR and Wigan spring to mind.

    6) Grant Holt. Whatever your thoughts, him playing up front on his own for most of season with little attacking support has ruined his season. His frustration at our style of play is obvious in recent weeks with his petulant displays.

    7) Becchio. Bought in, had a couple of appearances and not seen since. What''s the point of buying a player and then not giving him a chance? May as well have kept Morison.

    8) Lee Camp. He''s had one game and he cost us the point. Why not show some faith and give one of the young lads a chance? Pointless signing.

    9) ''Little Norwich''. Before every game, whether we''re playing a big gun or a team who can''t buy a win, Hughton insists on letting us know what a brilliant team they are and how well we''ll have to perform well just to contain them. And yes, he''s said this before games against the likes of mighty Reading and QPR. We sound like a plucky non-league team hoping for a miracle. If you we''re one of his players, would you have any belief hearing things like this? The way he sets his team up for certain games suggests he is scared of the opposition.

    10) David Fox. Okay, he had a poor game against Luton but so did the rest of the team, including the likes of Howson. But for a player that could offer us something a bit different, 37 minutes of league football this season is astounding. Not mobile, can''t tackle; so what! You don''t need a midfield full of tacklers, creativity is needed as well. We fail to create chances - fact.

    11) Luton Town. Enough said.

    12) Home is where the draw is. Newcastle and Fulham; two teams that came to Carrow Road looking for nothing more than a point and we showed no, or little, ambition to win these games. Newcastle in particular were in awful form at the time. A win in any of these games and we''d be safe by now.

    13) Post match. His interviews are so uninspiring I struggle to stay awake.

    I''m sure I could ramble on for hours, but the fact of the matter is we''re the most boring team in the league trying to draw ourselves to safety. With relegation a possibility, Mr Negative has to go whether we stay up or not.


  2. It''s a fact that Norwich have scored less this season, not just Grant Holt.

    Pilks has scored much less than last season, but I see no one criticising him. Pilkington has had an apalling season, I can count on one hand the number of good games he''s had. The goal against Manchester United has blinded a lot of fans to the truth that''s he''s woefully inconsistent. At times it been like playing with ten en on the pitch. It''s much more fun to criticise a Club legend though isn''t it?!

  3. How many times did he give the ball away? Nil

    How may passes were forward thinking and set upon attack? Two

    Not bad for a player with only 7 mins PL football all season, and as for "rabbit in the headlights" - don''t be silly.

    He came on when we were on the back foot and we were struggling to get the ball.

    David Fox isn''t a world class player but what he does well he does very well.

  4. I don''t think Chris Hughton is the right man long term. If we stay up this season he deserves credit, but if at this time next year we''re still unadventurous and looking over our shoulder then that will clearly not be acceptable.

    I just don''t believe he will ever change his risk-free approach regardless of the quality of the squad.
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