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  1. Forbes didn''t want to be seen criticising Hooton and Norwich cos he doesn''t want to upset his employers! The bloke who said that was spot on!
  2. Nothing against the pundit on Radio Norfolk but how can so many people be wrong and he be right regarding Houghton taking Hooper off! I really want Hooton to suceed cos he seems a nice bloke but Hooper should have stayed on and RVW or Elamander should have partnered him. But the pundit (Forbes I think) wouldn''t have none of it! He spouted some technical crap and kept saying ''How many chances did we create?'' & ''Houghton was right!''. I''m not the greatest fan of CC but most of the callers echoed how the majority of the fans felt. Too negative and RVW was too little too late! Most of us could see it but Hey....what do we know about football! How about having a pundit on who''s not not employed by NCFC. That way they don''t have to worry about upsetting their NCFC mates or being dismissed from the Club payroll. The callers gave him some stick though which was worth a listen!
  3. In the first half Hooton was urging howson to drive forward into the space between the Villa defenders and midfield. Howson went forward with the ball but it was tentative. There wasn''t any drive or ambition to get the Villa defenders on the back foot. It was the same time and time again. I respect we are not blessed with pace but villas defence were already set by the time we tried to PLAY or PASS the ball into a dangerous position. We mustn''t let the opposition defence settle. Get the ball behind them and why not take a risk and try the unexpected!
  4. I''ve always been a fan of jacksons work rate but he has no composure in front of goal. He hasn''t played many games either to be fair.
  5. Should have been Bechio and KK yesterday. What did Holt offer apart from a confidently taken penalty? Didn''t Brighton used to play Elliot Bennett in a more central attacking midfield role. Give him a go. We are in it up to our necks now so got to go for it.
  6. KK was brilliant yesterday. He doesn''t give up. He has a good touch and he''s strong and good in the air. As good as if not better than Holt in my opinion. Also I''m sure that with a good pre season and a few more games he can improve. Sign Him asap!!!
  7. I want to stay in the Premier league just to upset the arrogant supporters of the so called big teams. But I also enjoy watching exciting football. It''s not exactly great at the moment is it? Why hasn''t the Premier league sorted out the finances so it can help the smaller clubs survive? Some of the clubs haven''t helped themselves granted but surely some of the Premier league riches could filter down to help these clubs out? But No!!! The FA and the Premier league are killing football and while we all still pay to watch it in some form or other its going to get worse.
  8. I''d be annoyed if we got relegated but unfortunately as predicted money has taken over the game so if it''s championship football next season I won''t be too disappointed. The FA are money grabbing at every opportunity. A lot of people who I know don''t care about England and that includes me. The FA have been so long winded in changing the development structure that we are way behind all the footballing power nations. But hey.....it''s the richest league in the world!!!
  9. Playing with width is the winning formula! Saturdays game wasn''t for Hoolahan. Should have had someone else up front with Kamara. The goals both came from balls out wide. Holt and Kamara up front from the start. In the first half Swansea dominated the pace and we had no outlet ball.
  10. I still think that we could do with getting the ball out wide more often. We had Holt and Kamara up front on Saturday and every time some sort of decent ball went into the box we caused problems. The pitch was getting cut up in the middle so why not use the wings more. I''m not saying this is the total answer but it''s another option especially as Saturday when they had 5 in mid field. Also why Wes on the left? Not his position! Bennett would have been a better option. Also Fox should have come on at some point on Saturday. Just an opinion.
  11. I also thought Bunn did well. He didn''t try to catch the ball unless he could get get his body behind the ball due to the conditions. Anything away from the body he parried one of which went straight back into the danger area which the defenders cleared. He also prompted the lob when he came off his line in the first half. But to his credit he kept on coming and made the save which is all you can ask. There are a lot worse keepers about than him. Well played Sir
  12. "Didn''t miss much" was a coin of phrase meaning he didn''t miss anything.....Sorry Lol
  13. Hello All. This is my first post so here goes. How is it that Michael Turner never gets the Man of the Match award? He was brilliant yesterday. He covered well and didn''t miss much. And considering his somewhat shaky start to his NCFC career all credit to him for getting himself sorted and becoming very consistent. Just a thought and be nice with your replies!!!
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