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  1. City v Stoke October 4th 1975 City lost 1-0 to a Sean Haslegrave goal Stoke had a good side then Peter Shilton, Mel Pejic and Jimmy Greenhoff That were I pined my colours to the mast !!
  2. been on here about 10 years now think i was moaning about the same things then !
  3. Down the Meadow Monday hoping the trawlerboys win after so many near misses ! they are my hometown team and always hope they do well but Norwich are my club despite the fact some of you point out we live in Suffolk ! Maybe some of you need to get your heads out of the sand and realise football doesn''t end in league 2 and some good football is on offer at the top end of non league pyramid. If Town win Monday it only makes them a possible 4 leagues below us in pecking order !
  4. Birmingham City are the only English League side never to score a league goal in the rein of a pope !
  5. Jan Molby maybe ? or Kevin Keelan in goal as he was born in Calcutta ?
  6. Would also add to this Evra at the end didn`t cover himself in glory personally if I was the FA I would throw the book at him with his reaction at the end could have caused no end of problems with the supporters today !! At the end of the day why shake hands before the game it didn`t happen until a few years ago just another stupid gimmick at the end of the day who really cares if they do or don`t ? All the headlines will be about this not some of the fantastic games played out today really sad !!
  7. Think I must come from a totally different generation, these days watch very little football on TV, not got sky sports do have access to live steams and admit to watching most of the Norwich games this season. To me the football experience was far better years ago standing on the terraces being able to turn up pay your money and walk onto the Barclay at 2 30 for a 3pm kick off or 7 30 for a 7 45 kick off.Have had season tickets watch Norwich in the late 90`s but alas prices and children mean these days I can`t afford to get up as much as I would like to but that is due to supply and demand of tickets over the past 10 seasons and shows what a great fan base this football club has. Like you said Sky have got many things right with there coverage of the game soccer Saturday is a great example of how to make coverage entertaining (bbc and itv take note) but as for some of the kick off times over the weekend and Monday`s it doesn`t help the football fan at all does it? Manchester Utd fans having to get to Norfolk for a dinnertime kick off on a Sunday being a prime example (mind im sure there is a decent service from Liverpool Street ;) ) We can`t go back to how thing were I know and this is progress some might say but deep down personally I miss the way football was shown and broadcast in the 70`s and 80`s and only having the odd game important game shown live. What was wrong with listening to the great Peter Jones(no radio Norfolk in those days) painting the picture of a game on radio 2 on Wednesday night so much more entertaining than the commentators running wax lyrical about the average players that play in this country today !!
  8. another fab quote There was also a second clean sheet in three league games for Lambert to savour, after his team had set a Premier League record of 23 matches from the start of the season without a shut-out` have Blackburn kept a clean sheet this season yet ? or have i missed something and they have played 24 games now I might be wrong but .......
  9. had a covering on the coast at Lowestoft not often we get this much when it comes from the west but the kids love it all so can`t be to bad !
  10. Just looked at next weeks fixtures the bottom 6 play each other in form or another so some must drop points so to me its another game game gone. A point next week will be massive Swansea are not a bad side but not by any means unbeatable the way P.L. has got the team playing. Personally I think one more win 35 pts will be enough. Like many are saying lets push on and see how many points we can achieve 45 to 48 is a real possibility if we keep playing as we have been since the turn of the New Year !
  11. so how do you say someone is a plastic fan ? yes ive got a ticket for the Coventry game first one this season but had a season ticket in the late 90`s been going regular since mid 1970`s have shares in the club !!! the only reason i cant go more is i have my kids every other weekend which is far more important from where im standing. I would come week in week out and will do when my kids are much older but for now i cant. maybe people making these statements are lucky they can leave their kids or dont have work or or such commitments but dont tar us with the same brush because we have ...... Does this make me plastic ? because i can make every home game ?
  12. quite simply the best #9 i saw at Norwich in 30 odd years of watching, the goal against Man City at home in premier lge was sheer class would have in my mind gone on to be one of the best #9`s this country had produced for years ended by one tackle :( good luck Dean quality player and he seams like a nice guy as well ...........
  13. no ones is talking about Burnley if they win the 2 games in hand will be within a point of us and a equal if not better goal difference the run is not that bad on paper although having to play 5 of the top 8 teams so i would not rule them out yet as well .......
  14. I have not got Sky and have not had it for many years in my view they have single handily destroyed football as we know it in this country. Games should be played 3pm on Saturday or 7 45 Tuesday or Wednesday nights not at all stupid times of the weekend and beyond. As for making the premier league better to me the rich get richer and more coverage every week while the small go by the wayside and no one cares for them its all about Chelsea,Man Utd etc who really care about them I for one don`t. They bang on week after week how great the premier lge is ...where ? I see very average over paid prima donnas prancing about falling over play acting and hassling the ref if things don`t go their way great role models to our children as they grow up. Because of the injection of sky money these players get far to much money and now have no infinite with the club they play for and supporters needs, you ask them how much a derby win means most of them would not have a clue to them it is only another game :( . I was lucky grew up in the 70`s and early 80`s with just match of the day and match of the week to watch my hero`s play and if Norwich made match of the day on Saturday night my weekend was made mind you never used to win (nothing changes when we are T.V.) then Sky came along in the early nintys and we have since been flooded with non stop games every night of the week and out of the games how many are worth watching ? very very few. Maybe i am wrong but in the end I personally think sky will kill the game in the end when the money runs out who will bank roll a lot of the clubs then sky will be gone they wont care. Many of the lesser team who have relied on sky money to chase the dream and hold on to it will be up the creak without a paddle with no investment will go to the wall leaving a huge void in the the football supporters life the mainstay of the clubs, the ones sky don`t care about because of the way they dictate kick off times etc ....... This is just my view and many other will disagree or agree and at the end of the day we all views and that is why threads like this make good reading .....
  15. My name is Ian and i live in Lowestoft, I own my own company and am a roofing contractor, I have been watch Norwich since 1975, Stoke City at home was my first game, i don`t get to as many games as I would like now down to family commitments and my job .... Fav players :- Martin Peters, Phil Boyer and Robert Fleck
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