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  1. Me and the wife were in row B jarrold, J block and the guy next to her was complaining in the 84th minute that we were too defensive, but it would be o.k if there was only 5 minutes left!! Can we give these seats to someone on the waiting list please!
  2. The middle option, would love some shares but wouldn''t be able to dip into my pocket for a few million when we needed a player or anything like that and would feel the club needed someone with more financial clout than me! Also I wouldn''t know where to start!
  3. Jack walker was pumping money into Blackburn since the late 80s, others may have done before but I always see him as the first one to get real success from it (briefly). I did the stadium tour at Ewood park once, that was an odd day!
  4. I like it! Much better than Swanseas
  5. If we let him stay we will end up with a motorway system like he built in Newcastle. Magdalen flyover looks like a country lane in comparison!
  6. I''d rather go to the Fulham game then a big club - purely down to cost - £55/45 for a bigger club, £45/35 for Fulham. I just want to see norwich and don''t really care if its a cup game, pre season friendly or a league game. Sadly I have other commitments and can''t often make it / afford it, but I go when I can.
  7. [quote user="Gazza"]Am I right in thinking the Last time we played a non league team at home in the fa cup was Sutton which we won 8 nil We lost today to a team 4 leagues below us, and they looked like the premier league team, no wonder the tickets were £10, I was embarrassed today more than at any other time of my 29 years of supporting the club[/quote] Sutton are many leagues below Luton and only part time though
  8. [quote user="drurys testamonials V 15"]Ali Tandoori along Magdalen St[/quote] Agreed - love it, very traditional and Ali is a legend!
  9. Much as I''d love the chance to get to more games, I totally agree with this - our squad needs to be the first priority. Although I think the tv cameras should move to the city stand to face the jarrold so we don''t look such a small club on MOTD!
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