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  1. Yarmouth born and bread. Been here for some 12 years now.
  2. Lambert chose to walk away from city. He knew that a second Season in the PL with Championship players was a tough task and so it was. However CH did the job he was given by the Board. This year we have upgraded in some positions but our spend is still modist and for me that was the lesion at Spurs. Lamberts have a go attitude was fine for PL season one, we had nothing to loose. Season 3 is different there is a lot to loose and CH tactics while not entertaining, on a modest budget are consistent with survival first and building a PL team second.
  3. I''m sorry but my team consistently getting stuffed by 4 or more, but at least they tried kind of thing would make us a laughing stock and bring the team moral down....or worse than it is now. I don''t have answers but getting stuffed with a 10/10 for effort is not it.
  4. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Garrido hasn''t exactly done anything wrong.But I would like to see Olsson start[/quote] I''m of the same mind here.
  5. I did not see the match until today and knowing the result perhaps I watched less expectantly. We were outclassed in every position and every battle on the pitch. While we have spent big by Norwich standards so have Spurs and many others and it showed what you can do with money well spent. We were not slaughtered but contained a good well organized to only two goals. Our midfield was all but eliminated. We looked vulnenerable on our left side particularly. Shoddy tried to be a one man team too often as he often does. Not a disaster just a clear indication we have a long way to go as a team to be top 10.
  6. ...and the switch from Fox to NBC reduced my cable bill by $40 per month. So city get more TV Money, I pay less and get every City game live....
  7. That certainly looked like a different Norwich playing style to last week. Thanks for the YouTube link.
  8. While I would agree the Southampton starting 11 need the opportunity to practice, Cauctious Chris would be right to be cautious risking injury to the likes of RVW, Fer, Ruddy etc..second string players would be appropriate in a potentially hard tackling match.
  9. This is the first post Hull thread I can fully agree with. Spot on. Also is it me or did Ruddy not look his normal confident self? Not that he had too much to do but just his demeanor and kicks straight to the orange shirts or out of the park.
  10. We had a bright start but are lacking creative service. Game is there for the taking.
  11. Hull must look to teams like us at home as their most likely source of points this season. Equally we would look at them as prime places for away wins. Heart say 0-2 Norwich. Head says 0-0.
  12. Was there ever a resolution to his defection to Norwich from Rangers. I seam to recall it revolved around his contract was with a team that did not exist any longer ?
  13. A real talent in the making. Hope he starts at Hull.
  14. Considering the number of players not available this was a test of the squads depth which I thought we passed. Two good goals and Redmond showing his potential. Made for a nervous, long second half though.
  15. http://espnfc.com/blog/_/name/relegationzone/id/1219?cc=5901 Apparaently, our club colours would be more at home in an Albainian night club according to some fashion guru......... What other colours do canaries come in?
  16. One of the benefits of the switch from Fox to NBC is hopefully no more Wraaren Barton and the little jibes like "this is only Norwich" when City have the better of a bigger teams.
  17. Just back from watching Houston v Stoke. Hughes had obviously told his players to keep the ball on the ground but they looked like it was a new concept to them. Everything was in the center of the pitch, no wide players and they rarely made it to the box. Talked with a few Stoke fans before the game and they thought Norwich had pulled of masterstrokes with a Redmond, Fer and RVW. Stoke beaten 2-0 on the night and Hughes was scratching his head a lot. Unless they get some wide and attacking players soon, they may well struggle this season.
  18. Well if you''re chasing as signature against competition, then get the deal done when others are sleeping. IF it''s true, then paying a Dr time and half for an out of hours call willl be the smallest fee of the night !
  19. Man these footballers are starting to look so young.........
  20. [quote user="lappinitup"]I''m surprised nobody has mentioned George Best yet. When you consider the state of the pitches back then, the heavy ball and defenders diving in with both feet, his ball control was amazing. If he was playing today, there would not be a defender on the planet who could take the ball off him.[/quote] Best it is for me too. At today''s prices, what would he be earning, if he was sober?
  21. Wish I had known you needed one. I was fortunate enough to be back home last week and picked one up at the store. Interesting that at £45 each, the are cheaper than a Houston MLS shirt at $140 each !
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