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  1. Can''t say I''m a lover of the NFL system which MLS has also adopted. There is effectively only a premier league. No relegation. Team owners can and do put out rubbish teams to earn TV money for their pockets. In MLS the play off system is under review also. A team which wins their league hands down can be out of the playoffs at the first round taking no account for their season performance.. Guess nothing''s perfect !
  2. Neither a win or loss would impact our managers position. The players giving up like they did in the 7-0 thrashing should impact them though.
  3. Thanks for the report Ricardo from a Plastic on the wrong side of the pond. I see a pattern in the reports; Lucky escape 1st half, better in th second. You could almost cut and paste from one game to another and just change the oppositions name ;-)
  4. [quote user="Perky Canary "]Great result today, couldn''t be happier, well deserved as well. What ever people think of Hughton, they can''t deny when the pressure is on he does perform and the players showed real determination. Top stuff.[/quote] Agree. With the bottom half of the league the way it is, win pretty, win ugly......just win.
  5. I thought Bennett was strong both in defense and attack today. He and Johnson have both grown on me of late. Bassong not so much.. Martin looks every bit the captain, leading to talk in the huddle and playing by example.
  6. Has there been identical twings playing for the same team in PL. before ?
  7. A great team performance today. Other than we could not take our chances what''s to complain about. Man U''s goal had its lucky element. More concerned with Hoopers injury.
  8. Marry Christmas to all Canery Supporters, those who live within and outside the Ring Road
  9. Great post Michael..... The system of tracking kids from the age of 10 or so used in the UK is not used by sports in the US. Kids with promise graduate high school to college on Sporting Scolarships. It is there their talents are progressed and readied for professional sports ( and maybe a little education too). So you don''t have teenagers like Nathan Redmond on professional teams, they are still at college ! Decisions to be a pro sportsman are made at 23 or so, not 16. Football is not a mainstream college program unlike basketball or American football. MLS has to break the mold and take kids from high school, or establish college programs that allow them to play on Saturday for their team. MLS is a business, the teams are not Clubs as we think of Norwich. Therefore taking the kids from school will deliver the quickest return on investment in my opinion and will be the way the MLS owners will have to go. Enjoyed the thread.
  10. Given Tans knowledge of the game and the recent events, Malky will be reading the Termination clause of his contract on Sunday me thinks !
  11. While I have witnessed the overall standard of MLS significantly improved over the last 5 or so years, it has a long way to go before the general skills on display reach those of the Championship. Teams are developing their own academies but it will be several years before they are producing any talent. Facilities vary significantly from team to team. Some like Houston rival those of the best anywhere < just smaller), but most share facilities with other sports or college teams. While I would love to see Norwich youngsters play here, they would get better experience in League 1 or the Championship.
  12. Our board of directors is risk adverse. They only take action when there is no other choice. CH is going nowhere for. now.
  13. Being the man he his, I believe CH will offer his resignation if he has not already done so. A sad day.
  14. Steve, Support Manchester United. It''s always been the easier choice and join the millions of mindless cheerleaders around the world. Norwich is a too sufisticated choice to follow.
  15. The article I would say is more of a blog than an a feature suited for print. I see his point, we are in a league we will likely never win. But who would you rather be playing Steve, Yovil, Doncaster and Barnsley in a half full ground, or Chelsea, Man U and Arsene in a packed stadium? Sure the money has changed the game, but I would rather be on this side of the financial divide as would Doncaster and Barnsley. Give the man a happy pill and move on.
  16. Until these last 2 matches, I''ve not been a tettey fan. Too many lost passes and he should not be encouraged to shoot at goal. His error against Chelsea that lead to their second if he had tried to score an own goal it would have sailed wide and we would have survived
  17. If you are staying at a casino, most have a sports betting area with loads of TVs (Cesar''s Palace must have had 40). A 3pm KO will be 7 am in Vegas put a couple of bucks on city and I''m sure one of the TVs will be available for you at that time of the morning.
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