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  1. wem are going down we are going to lose three games in a row. houghton out.?
  2. rubbish game moro must go now or i swear i shall annihialate him
  3. sent u a privat masage bws pussy
  4. admit it the game is lost nobody can score and snoddy was lucky again look at southampton and swansea
  5. bunn has to go now absouletly terrible i think we need to sell him and buy someone else. forster anyone.?
  6. thanks lapping and i agree. you should be ashamed you sick individual if i see you at the game then i will give you a piece of my mind.!!
  7. good we are better off without him. on football focus ruddy said that holt likes the sound of his own voice so to me that suggests enternal striffe. we need to crack the whip with him or just chuck him in out in janaury the cocky bastard
  8. so its west brom vs norwich today and i predict a 2 1 win for the might city. anybody agree.?discus. play nice on this thread please otherwise i will report you to the mods and get you delete
  9. why would you bring your child to the game.? thats irrespionable and you should be sick of yourself
  10. the voice of raison on this forum superzakwhitebread
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