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  1. We need to take the game seriously have to lose that losing mentality quickly
  2. Thanks john, I was there. Had to leave by 8.40. So much confusion really - conflicting ideas - and I feel that most people were more interested in moulding a scheme that benefited themselves -of course -that is totally understandable. I just feel that the price point is totally wrong. I told Ben that it was a crude money grab on promotion to the richest league in the world. As for who should go I said to him that the memberships would lead to kids in future never seeing their team and losing allegiance to ncfc. This would affect generations of fans. But as for who should go now i don't know - loyality is in the eye of the beholder not just number of games attended.
  3. Game started any links being showed live for a tenner on portsmouth official site
  4. If you about come down the Russell allison stand at 2 today https://www.alongcomenorwich.com/product/acn-live-14th-september-tickets/
  5. I will be there come on everyone support these guys great initiative
  6. No problem at all diane keep up the good work
  7. I won't waste a space diane I know lots of fans affected, we have met I am the chap in wheelchair. I have plenty to say constructively rest assured. All the best Keith
  8. John if you haven't replied yet to club I would go to membership meetings with you as one of your guests cheers Keith Roads
  9. As a ncfc fan I am saddened by the way bury fc are being killed by their chairman please click on the link and lend your support to a club in desperate need thanks http://chng.it/2sVK54RW7v
  10. I am shocked to report that forum contributer and massive city fan has died so sad RIP ...my love and sympathy to all his friends and family
  11. I bet apart from his wallet Lambert regrets leaving Norwich. After ìpswich sack him the oblivion of the highland league awaits. Won't stop him thinking he is best though will it?
  12. Lambert is a prat. 3 wins in 27 where's the signs of progress. The guy is living in a parallel universe. How did he not get sacked? In the 'life of Paul' he is not the messiah, he is a very naughty disillusional manager. Ipswich are going one way and it ain't going up
  13. I have a £10 ticket for tomorrow night and coach ticket if needed 07867504891 Cheers Keith
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