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  1. My friend in Scotland has covid rather sell as a pair cost price Keith
  2. No journalism like that in archant towers! Michael Bailey would be happy to have his name on that. Great article
  3. Ticket office is open today selling on the day
  4. We have one life I assume you haven't got learning difficulties- so use you life more constructively from what I read on here your wasting it.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't got the physical strength but you really are a pathetic school ground bully who deserves a slap
  6. Questioning my loyalty now commonsense see you at Newcastle
  7. Apologies ncfc 3240 that uncle Fred is so sad I think he spends his entire sad existence sitting on his keyboard waiting to insult people. I hope you get your ticket - I mean asking fellow supporters for help is so unreasonable- can pinkun moderators please ban the ****.?
  8. Diane you waved at me as I left for the lift - so I think you saw me - obviously handsome chap in the wheelchair
  9. Diane is the forum bit early in the evening as would have to leave about 8.30 ish carers for bed etc
  10. clearly not 1st or 2nd choice, I was annoyed - as he been dreadful in german league, but confidence is massive in football. He is norwich now, so good luck and hopefully we will be his purple patch and if not well, that's how it goes. The constant attention seeking of posters like this big vince and others negative posters is so pointless and counter productive and probably makes Sargent less likely to deliver. So let's get behind him and wish him well. He is representing us now
  11. I am pretty sure no stream for Newcastle usually find stream. Could you contact me Bill in private messages of course over £100 on the train thanks Keith
  12. But like me John you will go - does that make me elite of course not - I am following the club rules paid my £25 and health permitting look forward to attending every away game
  13. Where's the traditional lotus green logo that is iconic
  14. As a member of 750 10 away games group why do other supporters knock and ridicule these loyal supporters genuinely don't understand would mr Tilson like to explain?
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