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  1. All I said was Mr McNally said (in the staff meeting)  there would be no more signings this week!!!!  And  that was right!!!
  2. As I remember he was a brilliant prospect for us and was destined for great things. Such a shame.
  3. Ah dpit, well he actually say''s quite a lot in his staff meetings, some things I would never post on here because it would get the wife in trouble! He has a regular staff meeting every Thursday to inform the staff as to what is occurring at the club. You question whether he would speak about impending transfers, sponsors business etc but if you were a CEO of a company you would want to keep the staff informed as to where the company was going. I understand your question but really he is great at keeping the staff informed. I''m lucky enough to be married to one of said staff!!!  
  4. Said yesterday, Mr McNally stated there would be no new signings this week!
  5. Mr McNally said today in the staff meeting that there would be no further signings this week.   Just to let u know.
  6. Sounds like the perfect marriage!!!!!!
  7. Thanks, In a way so did I but after last seasons performances both in the summer transfer window last year and especially after his petulance towards being dropped towards the end of the season his stock went well down in the hierarchy''s opinion and they always stated that a fair offer for both him and club would not be rejected.   He was am immense player for us up till that point imo and I hope he does well for Wigan.   OTBC  
  8. [quote user="Herman "]"mr lister"Won''t be here by Sept 3rd! With your track record you''d better state what year as well.[/quote] 08/07/2013 to be precise!!!!
  9. Bournemouth then Walsall all to do with where I lived!
  10. Tony Powell''s perm nearly made me believe he was a cross dresser!!!
  11. Dunno the schedule said "press meeting 2.00pm 30+ people," Hence the post!   Sorry again!
  12. I''m the one who should be apologising as I started the thread!!!!!!!   My bad! The source I have should know the difference between a conference and a meeting!!!!!!!   Humble pie for me as I''m one of the biggest haters of BS posts on here!!!   Sorry again guy''s really feel bad!!!   All abuse welcome and well deserved!!!!   OTBC
  13. There expanding the tv gantry''s and installing the goal line technology!!!
  14. Perhaps this could be addressed with the redevelopment of the Burger Van behind the River End??   Just a thought! 
  15. [quote user="TIL 1010"]In other news today will be followed by tonight.[/quote]   But tomorrow never comes!   Further to Mr Nursey''s post, McNally is working hard on these??? Would be disappointed if our CEO was doing anything else but working hard, that''s why he gets good money!!
  16. Yep I saw that too, but he also stated Hughton was on holiday yet he is on BBC Sportsweek apparently???   Not sure whether I believe him that much TBH, it has also been suggested that Sunderland are strong fav''s (skybet) to sign Hooper! Hope that doesn''t mean its going to end up in a bidding warfor Hooper 4-5m max for me.  
  17. Sign in under another name???? Sorry son I think you must be confusing me with someone else! I merely questioned your headline and your rational, not wanting to get into a slanging match! Perhaps you have now got the reaction you were seeking, my bad for biting, anyway, one love OTBC
  18. I would see Huddlestone as a good signing but only if he get''s his hair cut!! (Before the PC brigade have a go , yes I know he''s doing it for charity)!
  19. So your headline had no bearing as to what you wrote underneath!!!   Did you mean we only need two more signings to have a good squad or did you, as I read it, imply that we will only be making two more sign. I suspect the latter, which quite frankly garbage.   Anyway   OTBC
  20. With a headline that says we will only sign two more players!!!! Sorry must be missing something.   Mr Brownstone that is the figure I heard from a very good source but I do believe that includes Garrido and RVW
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