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  1. would struggle to find a Norwich player capable of playing that much football yet alone come out of it with 27 goals and 8 assists. Who''s questioning NCFC players?? TNB I realise your trying to get one back from my previous comments about you, again you have to start a row. When do you go back to school. Chit I can''t believe I''ve bitten again!
  2. So Mr Torres has been an outstanding success at Chelsea fully justifing the £50 million spent on him. I can''t think of anyone who has said he has been a success at Chelsea, but, TNB, I bow to your better knowledge! OTBC
  3. Thanks Portland, hence my question, my use of drugs has been very limited! Need to get out more!!
  4. Total Chelsea games 131 goals 34 for the money spent on him I think that''s pretty poor!!
  5. [quote user="ReadingCanary"][quote user="mr lister"] I''ve got to think ATM Man City but if Chelsea find a replacement for the useless Torres I''d go for them.[/quote]This is the useless Torres who scored 22 goals in the 2012/2013 seasonand who didn''t start every game....Yep he really is useless ! [/quote] Yep 36 league apperances 8 goals!!!! 9 in the europa league say''s it all really!
  6. Ok a bit OT but who do you think will will the Prem this year? I''ve got to think ATM Man City but if Chelsea find a replacement for the useless Torres I''d go for them.
  7. Ignorance is bliss so they say and I''m quite happy, so here''s my question. In the athletics world I''m sure if any athlete was to use pain killing injections/cortisone/steroids these would be considered illegal and thus face a ban from competition. In the football world aren''t the players now subject to the same rules in so far as performance enhancing drugs are concerned, thinking back to the ban for Rio (the most over rated player ever) Ferdinand''s ban for failing to give a drugs test. Or do they just check for recreational drugs like coke and weed??   I have heard in the past that the pain killing drugs, whilst help in the short-term can really lead to serious long term injuries with continued use.   OTBC
  8. They still have the buy back system Chick, so you can get some money back and know your seat hasn''t gone to waste. OTBC
  9. Gee that''s a massive points deduction they''ve suffered then!!!
  10. Didn''t Becchio get stretchered off playing for Leeds at Carrow Rd after a kick to the head???
  11. I think Derby will do quite well this season, seem to have bought well and not broken the bank. Think they should be near the playoffs at least. As for Blackburn how the mighty have fallen. You would think a team who has won the Premiership (ie the modern era) should not be where they are now and so seemingly badly run. Perhaps the owners should have stuck to chickens??!!   OTBC
  12. I think this is the first week since the transfer window has re-opened that we haven''t signed a new player. It''s good that we have got the majority of our business done early as it gives the new guys time to gel.   I still expect 2-3 more signings though and not squad players just to make up the numbers either.   OTBC
  13. In his last season for us he was absolutely shocking!!! I have never seen a striker miss soo many easy/expected opportunities as he did and, I said at the time, if I made that many mistake''s in my work I would have been fired a long time ago!!   That said really like him as a bloke and I am pleased for him to keep playing and scoring, hope he''s not too badly injured. Remember him having a girlfriend who was quite taller than him that caused some embarrassment!!    OTBC
  14. Ryan Jarvis scored as well!!   I didn''t win anything BTW, Just Saying and discuss!!!!! Also was wondering about the re-sale value of this post!!   P.S. which room in the hotel gives the best view LDC????   OTBC
  15. Very impressed with 1st half.   Well taken goals and loads of good build up play!!   COYY    
  16. oops Strachan I meant! Little bloke with a chip on his shoulder!!!!
  17. Jonzey, couldn''t agree with you more!!!!!!!!!! The man is an egotistical pr1ck IMO, Whenever I saw him being a "pundit" just turned over!   Now to get rid of Strachen as a "pundit"!!!!!
  18. 1993 Pre season in Scandinavia as the Pinkun have been tweeting all week:   Norwich City have beaten Krylbo IF 15-0 - the biggest win by a touring English club in Scandinavia #ncfc   Wonder what happened that season????   Winning is a habit pre-season or not. I''m concerned. as I was last year, by the lack of goals again. Hope to be proved wrong with the next three games.      
  19. Guys,   Both of those sites have resulted I virus warnings with AVG so best avoid.   Also VIO link doesn''t work.
  20. Just find Scottish football pointless atm. There is only going to be one winner of the league at present due to Rangers demise but even then its a two horse race. Very boring. Mind you the Prem is turning out to be a four horse race at best, getting boring!
  21. Sorry to be pedantic but it''s Leigh not Lee. And no thanks championship at best imo!
  22. Thu July 18 Club Dorados de Sinaloa
  23. [quote user="dpit"]"Ah dpit, well he actually say''s quite a lot in his staff meetings, some things I would never post on here because it would get the wife in trouble!" Erm, why am I being included in this conversation?[/quote] Forgot what you posted? Questioning what DM wud say to the staff??
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