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  1. Have to agree with everything there. Two more games then lets see. OTBC
  2. Have just seen it on Sky. He didn''t aim for the goal he just kicked it away into the crowd!!!!
  3. How refreshing it was to here an ex professional talk some sense!! Take a bow Greg Downs!! Didn''t hold back on his opinion of the players we have as apposed to the bunch of sycophantic ex pro''s we normally have to listen to!! Adrian Forbes are you reading this?? He made a lot of sense and whilst he didn''t agree with all he certainly made it clear his opinion with regard to our center back combinations!! Well done Greg!! OTBC
  4. Agreed ! Unfortunately he seems to have lost the players. Nice bloke, my missus has met him many times and said he''s a nice guy but nice guy''s don''t always do well!! OTBC
  5. No thanks Nigel Adkins or Gianfranco Zola for me!
  6. Embarrassing, bye Chris thanks but you weren''t good enough!
  7. The new boy, my point is that we (and many clubs of our similar size) are never going to be challenging for things that really matter in this league. I think that was pretty obvious. I don''t know how old you are but I remember Forrest and Villa winning not only tthe League but Euro champs as well and they did it by building good sides and not being bankrolled to buy the best players on the World market!! Please understand I am Norwich thru and thru but get well pished off with this league as we have absolutely no chance of acheiving anything in it!
  8. Oh and by the way stan I thought your post re Match thread was really intellectual!!
  9. So all we have to look forward to each year is avoiding relegation!!!! Oh what joy!!
  10. Is this what football is supposed to be about?? Both Manchester teams winning by 3 goals after 25 mins against two similar sized teams!!! In my opinion the Premiership is getting to be a joke. Its seems its a league of the haves and have nots. I know we''ll never go back to the good ol days of any decent team having a chance of winning the league but to me unless you are bankrolled by a multi billionaire its pointless! However I would hate us to be owned by some anonymous Russian or Middle eastern sheikh. For all the debate that is going on about our manager, who the hell is going to be able to get us near the champions league?? No one obviously!! I for one have lost all excitement about watching City in the Prem and when we got promoted I said to those close to me personally that I would rather watch us have a chance of winning more games that we played than hoping that we don''t lose every week! Thanks Sky, Abramovich, the glazers, the sheikhs at man city for ruining a game I loved!
  11. Well that was one hell of an entertaining game of football!!! OTBC
  12. [quote user="Rufus Smalls"]Everton looking quite comfortable on the ball, don''t know possession stats but it must be at least 60/40 to them if not worse. Redmond looking good. RVW has had one header deflected for a corner but apart from that I don''t think we''ve created a chance in the first 45...[/quote] Possession 30/70!
  13. Yellowblood was about to post the same but thinking back Wolfie had at least two attempts at the beginning, admittedly not on target though! Wolfs gone very quiet now, lack of service I know but perhaps go hunting( no pun intended) for yhe ball more! Lets hope for the second half!!!! OTBC
  14. Pleaae tell me one thing though. You did sing scrimmage not scrummage was a bit distorted on my chit speakers?
  15. Mr B. in some ways I agree with you,had results been slightly different on the last day I think we would have finished 15/16th which I think would have been a true reflection on our entire season. Our last two results certainly boosted our position against teams who had nothing to play for and as a team playing wise we were given more freedom. My one wish for this season is that we try and play the "old" fashioned Norwich way, good passing and looking for the quick break. OTBC
  16. [quote user="barclay_boy111"]Mr lister.. Sir according to transfermarket.co.uk out squad has a market value of £72m[/quote] Ah thank you minion!
  17. It was mutually beneficial for both parties that he left, If we had got Hooper in January he would have been off then! OTBC
  18. Was on their site earlier and their preview section had us as finishing 10th!! God would love that to happen!! OTBC
  19. Concerned that Ruddy is a John Thomas!! As an aside I wonder what the value of our squad is now?!
  20. Why Oh Why do we have to suffer Roy Keane on ITV, what''s an arrogant, aggressive Irishman got to do with the Auld enemy game?? ITV''s coverage of football is appalling.   OTBC  
  21. I was reading the article about him in the new Canary magazine and everything points to him being a major England player in the coming years. So glad he plays for us now!!   OTBC
  22. Interesting that no one has said Manure. Is that cus Fergies not there or because the other teams have bought well to improve themselves??
  23. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="The New Boy Le Juge"]. If he is useless then what are you? What did you achieve in 2012 and 2013? [/quote]   And here we go yet again. [/quote]   And again, what have I got to do with it in terms of football???     Please m8 just go back to poorman rd or boarding school.  
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