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  1. I''d just like to say that I have just spent the best part of twenty minutes reading the most articulate, reasoned debate I have had the pleasure of on this board!! Hats off to all the contributors and not a name called in a single post!!!! The less mature of those who may have taken time to read this take note!! Yea I know ''binner'' OTBC
  2. I was thinking at the match that if he does go, and I think there''s a real chance of that happening, what are the club going to do about all those poor folk that forked out on the special shirt deal for him???
  3. Congratulations, personally I got back about half an hour ago!
  4. Just seen on SPN that Van Persie is out for a month!!! Increases our chances on the 28th then. OTBC
  5. I think that this window could be quite interesting with regard to players wanting to cement their place in their respective countries World Cup plans. I''m too ignorant to name particular players IRO of their nationalities but I think there could be some good players available on loan from some of the major clubs. There maybe a couple of quality players we could pick up on the cheap so to speak. OTBC
  6. So Le Juge your saying that had we lost today he would have totally lost the fans?? How many peeps on here thought we''d win 2-0? I for one thought a draw would have been a decent result. to win was brilliant! Having said that we were on the back foot for most of the game, but, we took our chances as opposed to WBA who were lacking that finishing touch! Anyway we won!! COYY Get In!!! OTBC
  7. [quote user="mrs miggins"]''hughton saved his job today'' : no he didn''t[/quote] No cuz it wasn''t a game which put his job under threat, had we lost he would have still had the job, lost next week then......??/ Can u not give the team some credit for a win?
  8. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]OP you make me want to vomit, silent majority... prat[/quote] Mmmmm mature response Nexus.
  9. Cue the abuse happy clapper!!!! A sensible post and I agree with most of it. For what its worth my thoughts at the beginning of the season have been borne out. All those talking about top 10 and above (people were actually talking of Europe on here) were sadly delusional. One thing that really got me though were those on here that said pre-season was meaningless!! Well I think that gave us some indication as to how the season was going to pan out and so far those feelings have been justified. I''m still unsure whether relieving Mr Hughton would alleviate our troubles but maybe the gamble would be a positive move by the board! Having said that we have a run of fixtures coming up that we should garner a decent amount of points from. I continue to keep the faith and one thing is for sure, I will continue to support our wonderful club!!!!! OTBC
  10. Can someone tell me what his injury is??? If it''s a broken toe why did he spend 10 mins warming up against Cardiff (actually he just stood on the line watching the game) and then came on for the last two minutes. Also a broken toe would have healed by now! Just very confused that he as spent sooooo much time injured with this mysterious (IMO) toe!
  11. Agree with the Ruddy comment, Fer our only representative then. As for our chances, don''t think we''ll get past the group stage!
  12. We won,so thats three more points! I sit on the fence as far as Hughton is concerned, look how well the new manager at Palace got on today! We''re now 14th in the league and I think that''s about where we will finish this season. Palace are a poor team but factor in the new manager effect and for us to win was a good result. At times our passing and movement was really good, however we are very inconsistent. What do we expect over the next two games realistically? One point would be good but all I really want is for us to put in a decent performance and have a chance of a result up to the 90th minute!!! OTBC
  13. [quote user="basil brush"]Not convinced by todays performance as a whole, and Hughton should still go in my opinion - not the man to take us forward. This win gives him a bit of breathing space, but it was Crystal Palace, so nobody should start getting carried away - we are still relegation material under Hughton and when Ruddy leaves in January it won''t make life any easier.[/quote] Having just signed a new 4 year contract!!!! Yea ok bet you £20 that he won''t leave in January!!!
  14. Forbes is such a sycophant always defending the players so as not to offend anyone. However, Greg Downes has no such fears and IMO should be the co-commentator every week, not afraid to say it as it is!! OTBC
  15. Lol! I prefer it with a Robin Hood Sherwood hue though!
  16. Remember him?? Just found out (watching Soccer Saturday) he''s the new manager of Forest Green in the Conference! Good luck!!! P.S. Forest Green are my fave conference side, always seem to battle relegation and escape at the last minute, although this year they''re not doing too bad!! OTBC
  17. http://www1.skysports.com/watch/video/9019079/fer-filling-his-potential Nice little piece here.
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