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  1. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="iron_stan"]no other club in this league would have put up with this rubbish for this long[/quote]you didn’t watch today did you?[/quote]

    Yes we did watch it! The score line doesn''t lie! We lost! We were inaffectual in front of goal which has been the story of this season since the preseason friendlies! Championship welcomes us!!!!

    To not beat the most obviously worst team in this league twice is as bad as us losing to Luton in the FA Cup!

    And a question to you Jas have you watched the absolute garbage we have played all season? If you have I suggest it was through yellow tinted glasses!

  2. Lappin thanks, yes I was wrong last year about a press conference being called for 2 o''clock that never happened, it turned out in retrospect that a deal had fallen through!

    I''ve just been informed that it has now been postponed until tomorrow at 9.30. Now I must stress this is just a possibility at no point will I say it''s defo on, lets just wait and see.

    Just to further say that Jamie the Company lawyer has been in box 31 all morning in a meeting.

    Just reading what other posters have written I will no longer bother posting tidbits of info because as soon as you write anything on here the usual trolls come out with their I know much more about anything and everything than you do so there!!!!

    I can only say that we''ll see tomorrow.

    Thats it

    Bye all


  3. It''s obvious that there is some kind of superstition with regard City playing towqrds the dullards in the second half although the reason for this is beyond me. The number of times I have sat in the Barclay on a truly dull and overcast sky and City have attacked the River End in the second half is incalculable!

    One question I do have is why the linesmen run the lines on the sides they do?

    Is there some sort of rule that say''s they have to run the line on the right closest to the tunnel and on the left furthest away? I don''t think so though as how do teams that come out in the corner facilitate that??

    My point is that there is always a linesman in front of the away fans and so they will have an undoubted effect on his decisions whereas I would prefer our fans to have that influence!!


  4. [quote user="Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd"]Or...

    I''m forever blowing bubbles ,,

    pretty bubbles in the air ,,

    they fly so high ,they reach the sky ,,

    then like west ham they fade and die !

    Tottenhams always running ,,

    Arsenals running too!

    We''re they Norwich Barclay and we''re running after you !!

    The last line was ''we''re the Barclay boot boys running after you''

  5. the awful ''we''re the baaaaarclay over here'' followed by ''we''re the snaaaaake pit over here'',

    This makes me soooo cringe!!! Please can we not sing this again, I''d rather have no singing than having to acknowledge another part of the ground to try to make an atmosphere with such a pathetic song.

    I think the main reason we have no decent songs is in days gone by, especially the standing era in the Barclay was you used to get the most vociferous fans would congregate together and lead the rest of the fans in the chants. Now we have a stand full of the silent majority only wanting to join in with the old traditional songs and no new invention.

    Away fans make more noise because as said the vociferous stick together and lead the reat.

    Maybe we need to make a block of 200 behing the goal in the Barclay that are the cheerleaders (mmmmm there''s a thought) who can generate some decent songs and atmosphere!!!


  6. Again I think the argument goes back to who is available to replace these managers (including are own)?

    The market for good managers seems somewhat thin at the moment. OGS at Cardiff whilst they did well yesterday I think that may well end in tears due to the influence from above and his naivety

    at this level.

    The managers at the top end of the championship hardly fill me with excitement and besides would you give up the chance of promotion to take on a relegation battle.

    Personally I think that managers need to be given more time to create a team and build the togetherness spirit really needed to do well as we had three and four seasons ago.


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