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  1. [quote user="Reggie Strayshun"]Fair enough. It was kind of a whimsical, rhetorical question. Everyone knows my views on this subject, and, Purple, I do not agree with you that the question of whether managerial change works on this board is a dead duck. There are still plenty who deny it.What was interesting in McN''s interview was when asked about this very subject he seemed to imply that if the right candidate was available he would not hesitate to make a change . Clearly he does not feel that , given the right circumstances, a change would be too much of a gamble to make. He also said that keeping Hughton was as much of a gamble, and he appeared not to be wholly convinced that he would be any more likely to deliver.[/quote]

    Spot on Reggie, I tend to think that had there been a decent candidate to take the reins in December we would have acted. However as DM intermated, whilst they apparently have a plan B should we need it, there was nobody really available (at that time) with whom they felt confident enough

    to take us forward. Thus to make the change it would have been a gamble we weren''t prepared to make.

    In hindsight, personally I wish we had gone for Poyet as he seems to get teams to play decent football but, as he was unproven in the Pl that would have been a gamble.

  2. Seriously LDC is that the best you can come up with "excuses"! This has been going on for a while now well before that are where they are now!

    I guess it''s anything for an argument with you. Are you seriously telling me that Laudrup is an inferior manager to Houghton(sic), if so, you are seriously delusional, but then again a lot of peeps on here would say you are!

  3. LDC I think most of us on here would agree that they are suffering due to the Europa League! But if you read about them instead of your inanely pathetic answers you would realise realise the problem is between the manager and the chairman!!

    They play good football and if it wasn''t for the distraction of the EL they we be further up the league! Look at Newcastle this year and last!

  4. A question, do we have the players who are up for a relegation battle? After the way we panicked after the first goal went in I really don''t think we have!

    Maybe it''s down to lack of leadership on the field but it''s not like we have a team of under 21''s on the field.

    Have we got the personalities who are up for a real fight or will they just panicked or lay down and die????

    If I was in their position I would fight for everything possible!!!!
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