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  1. Ah OK was just wondering, had a vague idea they did. Have they always been where they are now?
  2. The bald bstd has just taken all the headlines away from Tettey!!!! Good goal though!
  3. Whilst the first half performance was really good for the whole half not just the first ten minutes, don''t let''s get too carried away, Sunderland were worse than awful. What frustrated me tbh was how we sat back so much in the second half when we really could have gone on to get a couple more. OTBC
  4. terracing which was used for home support but on the odd occasion of a large away following for visitors. Til, in those days didn''t the away fans have the river end?
  5. I suppose Waveney posted this from his smart phone at the ground... Like you did Jiz!
  6. So Elmander is playing and Substitute as well? Interesting!
  7. And also, if your gonna take a screen shot from your computer make sure you post it the right way up!!!
  8. Enjoy the match boys, although judging by what you write on here, your two brain cells between you are probably incapable of contributing anything positive by being there................ Do you really think they''ll be there?? I don''t!! And boys if you are, post a pic of your season ticket or match day ticket! Shouldn''t be too hard to do! Oh and poorman rd tickets don''t count!
  9. Best player on the pitch at the moment!!! Looking a bit knackered now though!
  10. Same here Yellow, was at Watford, quagmire of a pitch I remember and all the fans invading the pitch at full time! Great memories!
  11. Just scored a cracker for England u21s
  12. Just heard he''s left the club, no idea why.
  13. Yep agreed again, best performance of the season but we have been improving game by game. After that performance I really think we''ll stay up!
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