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  1. Swollen u keep changing your tune. 1st u say we signed rvw on the basis he''s flown into N airport then u say you were told he was there cus u clean there then u make some bs up about DM flying to Scotland. Stop being a troll pls.

  2. [quote user="Jim Smith"][quote user="Muffles"]

    Scheduled flights from Norwich go to Aberdeen and Edinburgh, with Hooper across in Glasgow....  I''d have thought he''d chartered a flight to Glasgow - being we''re Prem club with Prem ambitions....


    Unless of course he''s gone to Inverness for this fella



    [/quote] Or alternatively he wanted to get the earliest possible flight to Scotland or alternatively he thought meeting hooper and/his agent in Glasgow might not be the best idea given Hooper''s fame in those parts?[/quote]



    He''s at Carrow Road!

  3. [quote user="I am a Banana"]I''ve heard of him and he seems to be ok, but I would rather we spend £4-6m on an english striker (hooper, Graham, Austin) rather than £2-3m on a foreign player.[/quote]


    I bet Swansea are saying the same thing as they paid an almighty £2m for Michu!!!!

    Why pay over the odds for home grown ''talent''!

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