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  1. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]From what I''ve heard there''ll be a lot more than two. A lot more.[/quote]   Agreed Mr Brownstone, I have also heard there will indeed be a lot more than two new faces coming in. Can''t seem fathom the OP''s rational that the 23 remaining squad players will all be retained.   OTBC  
  2. Palace.  Don''t want another team that plays in yellow in the Prem thanks!
  3. Lol Reading yea!   And the transfer totalizer has reached... whilst 90% of transfer fees are undisclosed!  
  4. Just a question not wanting cause offence but why is it necessary for another thread about our long departed former manager?   Please time to move on now!   OTBC
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="ReadingCanary"]Neymar off to join Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Co at Barcelona then...Meanwhile Bayern Munich are rumoured to be targetting a Lewandowski move to accompany Gotze who they snapped up earlier this month.Wonder what the future holds for English clubs in Europe.Really hope we get a Falcao / Ronaldo type star in the League this season. Certainly makes the best league in the world just that little bit more special. [/quote]Neymar could of course be going to REPLACE one of the players at barca...Guardiola is at Bayern now... what he want''s he gets... also there''s a lot of players at Barca who would walk to play for him again...   Talk in the papers today is that Fabregas maybe on his way back to the Prem at United to join up with RVP! Would make a bit of sense with Neymar joining Barca and displacing Cesc.   Would loved to have seen Neymar here (EPL) think he''s going to be really something special if he continues to improve! Alas Spain is always going to be first choice for the majority of Latin American players as cultures and language are somewhat similar.   OTBC
  6. Unhinged bit unnecessary!   It''s a forum not an English exam!!!!!!!!   Barclay, learn some patience, we will be very busy when the time comes! As was said earlier until a lot of the management issue are resolved and the respective clubs squads are analysed they''re won''t be much movement!!   I think u maybe reading all of the headlines about this or that player going here or there and thinking why aren''t we being linked with XY or Z but most of these stories are pure conjecture aimed to sell newspapers.   OTBC 
  7. Not for me thanks!   Vydra maybe!
  8. I love all this well I''ve heard the club are gonna do this that or the other!!! McNally stated in the last STAFF meeting that there will be no ground improvements/increased capacity at the moment as all additional monies will be put into the playing squad! The poster who said the bank refused a loan, so sorry m8 u are so wide of the mark!!! My source, someone who works at carrow road, if u want to know who, my previous posts have explained that!   OTBC!!!!!
  9. Oh He''s just been spotted boarding a plane to Amsterdam with a connecting flight to Milan!! Source "Swollen Ankles" the cleaner at Norwich Airport!!
  10. Plans are in place for this to go ahead dependant on police approval! Whether the police agree is another matter although don''t the club have to pay for the policing of games so I would expect an agreement to be made? OTBC  
  11. We stayed up so that''s the first objective the management wanted. But was is it a successful season, I think not!!! We cud have been in two cup finals had it not been for the negative tactics that we employed. To lose to Luton at home is unforgivable despite what a lot of posters on here might say! I for one wish CH all the best but to me he''s not a traditional City manager in terms of the way the team play!! Great result today and had the team been allowed to play in that type of style maybe I would have changed my opinion!! Anyway onwards and upwards COYY!!!
  12. Yep Mrs said it was at Carra Rud about 12.15.
  13. I have been saying to my Son 4 the last two weeks, the teams coming up are probably the worst 4 a long time. Cardiff are probably the only ones who may stand a chance thru their backers.   Hull whilst they have a mid-east backer I can''t see them really competing in the transfer market with the extra money the existing teams in the EPL will get.   Play-offs dunno!! If Watford come up they only have 14 full time professionals left after the loans go back. We all know that they can''t have 15 loans in the Prem.   So IMO if we stay up, and we will I hope, there are already two teams who I think are worse than us!!!
  14. Just found this. Check out  1.08 into it Sorry don''t know how to do fancy link.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMrkhchJ9Ww&NR=1&feature=endscreen    
  15. Thought it was a well won point.   QPR were always going to be lifted by their transfer activity and I think we may have been fortunate that Remy was injured yesterday.   Nice to see us showing more urgency to win the 50/50 balls, my only regret is that Hoots should have used our Subs more and earlier.   Anyway would have taken a point this AM so good result.
  16. Why the hell he booked Turner is un-believable Jeff! Agreed Poor.   Take the point thou thought we did ok.
  17. Extremely disappointed seems we put all are eggs in one basket with Hooper, again no plan b.   Hey ho thats what supporting are wonderful team is like, just pray we have enough to stay up.
  18. Right who''s off to the airport to check. Can''t go myself wife got car!!!
  19. Thought Swollen Ankles would have known and posted this!
  20. [quote user="Mr Angry"]Is this on Sky? Don''t have it. Who is she, I''ll have to Google her.[/quote]   Kate Riley is the reporter.
  21. Just have to see what transpires then. See Crouch isn''t going to QPR would quite like to see him back here.
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