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  1. Platitudes from an opposing team who have beaten us to me have a very hollow feeling. Yes for large parts of the game we played well and were an equal match for Palace. Where we were short, as has been mentioned many times today, is both in attack (the Grabban miss, is he Jamie Cureton in disguise) and defence.

    The lack of quality in defence has by and large been identified as a major weakness many times over the last three seasons and as yet, has not been rectified. We signed Wisdom on loan but he didn''t start today. Is he no better than the defenders we had here already? If not, why the hell was he on the bench?

    Prudence with a lack of ambition seems to be overtaking the board again. If we are to remain in the upper echelons of the football pyramid we really need to invest significantly in both our defence and to a lesser extent attack. Just as a aside, why the hell didn''t we start with Redmond on the pitch?

    I seriously worry about our CEO and his reluctance to invest in GOOD players! If we had perhaps been more ambitious in January 2014 we could have avoided relegation, but to me he seemed more worried about claiming a financial bonus for himself rather than speculating to hopefully accumulate the rewards of remaining in the Prem. Now we find ourselves more than second best to a Club whom we should be on a level playing field with!

    Tin hat on!


  2. Well to me it pretty obvious. Palace have invested heavily in their team for this season, the most important one to stay up in ever, with the promise of increased rewards for next year.

    We, on the other hand have decided prudence before ambition yet again. Plus the fact that should the CEO go over his budget he would lose his bonus, which, IMO is more important to him than the club!

    It''s going to be a very long season and this is just the start! Hate the Prem and all that it stands for, 37 games to go!

    The majority of posters on here have for the last three seasons identified a glaring weakness in the quality of our defence yet the board/manager have done little to address this issue. We sign Norman from Liverpool but don''t play him today. If he is not better than the starting defence why the feck did we sign him.

    Looking forward to next week.....not!

  3. [quote user="The Voice Of Reason"][quote user="Canary Island"]Those who like a Good conspiracy theory he announces his engagement the day after Adams gets the boot. Did he feel so over joyed by the news he popped the question?[/quote]

    The theory that Adams was stabbed in the back?[/quote]

    That''s a bugger when that happens!
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