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  1. Have to agree with Morty on this one, I was counting, & I made it 6 times that Wes gave the ball away, mind you I didnt start till  15 mins in. This is unacceptable, & a liability imho. The difficulty with Wes is...... if he is given the space he can be very good, but if a marker gets on him straight away, then he spins round & looks for a short pass. If the opposition press the players round him then a break is often the result. Four times they were able to break into our penalty area from a mistake. This is also unacceptable & a liability. I may be unable to see many games, & so may be wrong, but Wes doesnt seem tobe able to  hit a long pass to get himself out of trouble, & get our forwards threatening, they have to come back to receive the ball. Many Wes fans on here, but I''m not one unfortunately. Still like to be proven wrong though.
  2. Clearly Miss Atlas is a Big Canary fan.Yella is also Arabic for LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E4VjxP13rEHope this link works.
  3. We need a bumper crop of Apples round these parts.
  4. Bor, I kinda like the idea of rehabilitating him. We need a virgin round these parts, a willing volunteer to come to pagan Norfolk of his own free will. A few pints in the Skeyton Goat, then into the woods, where seven Witches could dance naked round him, six fingered masked folk would then tie him to a wheelchair & force him to watch the para Olympics over & over, The final party at Sidestrand Cliffs, the Wicker Manager.
  5. Dunno, but trust me they were faster than a ferret on a fiddle.
  6. Yeah man, I saw 11 Murphy''s morph into Morrisons the other day, but hey, thats another story.
  7. I think it would be advantageous, no matter what formation we were using if all the players could "morph" into Murphy lookalikeys. This could easily be acheived by a combination of fibre optics & LED''s woven into their shirts, simultaneously changing names & numbers on their shirts to Morphy No 1 & 2. Ruddy could then be deployed as both wingers simultaneously. Switching formations at the flick of a switch could be crucial in the run up.
  8. Unable to get to many home games, so I have to settle for internet streams. Thanks again Ricardo for your Reports, the first thing I usually go for a view of someone who was actually there. Even like the way you tell us about the crowd, atmosphere & weather. Informative, accurate & optimistic. Fair play mate. Thanks
  9. End of reasonable discussion then. or is it?   Why would RVW have little confidence in our coaches? What can you tell me to make me believe that''s true? See I don''t know how good/bad they are. Even if I was privvy to the training I doubt I''d be in a position to make a judgement. Sometimes I wonder about appointments based on my preconcieved ideas. Like the guy from Watford being England''s coach. I thought WTF is that all about? Then I realised I''d missed my own tenure as England''s manager.   I''ve now several times heard Mcnally''s mantra about every part of the club being "best in class" and driving to constantly improve. I''ve heard him say the football management team are best in class. Can we have faith in both McNally and Bowkett to know. Because I have no doubt they''ll make the change if they think the appointments are wrong. I have little choice but to go with their informed opinions unless you can tell me something from my unknowns.  Very good answer Nigel, & a very suitable post to too many discussions on this board
  10.     DAVE STRINGER.     LEGEND, a much used term, but in this case he was total legend. Gorleston lad, as a player the best no 4 I saw in a city shirt, took the youth team into infinity & beyond.
  11. Sometimes good attackers & goalkeepers get better with age. Joe Royle was a case in point. He might not have had the legs, but he had the vision. They have played against some of the best defences & goalkeepers, & they know how it works, how to unlock a defence. Joe Royle made Norwich a lot of money by putting those kids through with his vision, Reeves & Fashanu did the legwork Royle did the thinking. There is a formula to unlocking a defence, sometimes a guy with a cool head can do it. Old dogs teach young dogs new tricks.
  12. With all the attention that Hooper is going to get, it may be that Elmander might get a bit more space, I think he will be on the scoresheet before too long, a goal or 2 will certainly do him some good, but I wont care if he feeds Gary & the Wolf.
  13. Le Juge, glad you saw this & I agree. One other thing I liked about him was despite some pretty hefty challenges going in to him from the Swansea defenders, he just picks himself up & goes again. No theatrics, no faking diving or gesticulating. The polar opposite of Holt, ( who I loved to see do all the above, but it did start to wear a bit thin). Chased harried & won the ball. An intelligent classy player. I dont think I saw him deliberately foul anyone. Starting to form a good relationship with Hooper, earlier on this season I thought he was playing too similar to the no 9, but now understands his role better. I saw him run a way over to Hooper to help him up on his feet again. A good team player. Thats why the Swedes have him alongside Ibrahimovic.  BTW ironic cheering? from where I was sitting he got a standing ovation.
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