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  1. It wasn''t intended to be a political thread, I don''t think the world is ready for that. The only political reference I made was ''David Cameron''.
  2. I am sure most of you know David Cameron is currently in Norfolk. Could he be replacing Hughton after tomorrow''s loss? He would give us the extra attacking threat we need but I fear we may leak goals still. Thoughts? This isn''t even the most stupid thread on here.
  3. This thread is fantastic. We were in League One. McNally and Lambert got us from there to the Premier League. Hughton kept us in the Premier League is most will argue is now struggling. McNally knows what he is doing. Don''t bit the hand that feeds you. Another point: Maybe people would accept what you say more if you actually backed it up with sources and facts rather than just throwing random statements about board members etc left right and centre.
  4. [quote user="Dandy Mountfarto"]Gutierrez joined Velez Sarsfield in 1999 as a 15 year old youth player, while Bielsa left in 1998. Please make your ITK attempts either more accurate or more vague next time.[/quote] Yep, I was about to say this. They were''nt at Velez at the same time. Had a decent try though.
  5. I have a lot of sympathy for this as I didn''t get a ticket last season in group 3. I eventually managed to get one though so don''t stop trying! I agree that a different system is needed but this will be a very touchy subject. Someone will always claim the system is bad, which ever one is used. A points system seems to be the most appropriate however, as this one is just silly. I have been to ever away game and home game this season, I have to get up at 4 am to go to Sunderland last week and if I didn''t get Arsenal tickets I would have been pretty peeved. Luckily I am in group 2. A points system certainly would trim out the people that only go to these "bigger" grounds because they are where Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal etc play. It will also stop the people who think it''s a good idea to sit in the wrong end! That''s something that really annoys me. A person who has no interest in Norwich City and just wants to look at Robin van Persie''s bum for 90 minutes won''t go to places like Southampton or Reading (No disrespect to them) to earn the right t a ticket to do so. In short I like the points system idea. Good luck with your hunt for tickets Matt and I hope you can get some.
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