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  1. I have 2 spare unwanted tickets for this Sunday''s game against arsenal. Barclay upper sitting together. Face value at £100 the pair PM if interested
  2. Well, tried the club and as I thought no chance of a refund.... Just advised to try sell them.... So, tickets still up for sale at £100 the pair.. Can deliver in either norwich or beccles
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]It''s not really about what we earn Vinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It''s about what the players earn. The way I see it there''s two reasons why tickets are this price. One is because footballers demand such ridiculous wages and our club has to pay the going rate or not compete at this level. And two because us football fans somehow find the money even though we only earn a tiny fraction of those wages we are subsidising. [/quote] Well said, would you guys mind if this post gets back to the purpose of it though please... Just looking to help some poor sole out that wouldn''t usually be able to make any games.... Would normally just return them to the club but I believe this isn''t possible anymore :-(
  4. Don''t ask me mate. All I know is my tickets were £53 each plus the £1.50 admin fee.... And that''s with supermembership.... So no doubt they would be more expensive to general public... Gutted cant make it but missus purchased them without checking my shifts first....
  5. Forgot to mention tickets are face value £53 each..
  6. I''ve got two tickets for Stoke game on 3rd November. Due to work i am no longer able to go.Tickets are 2 seats together in the City Stand, County Lounge area. PM me if interested.
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