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  1. Operation Robocop is no longer. https://seo-michael.co.uk/tutorial-how-to-install-operation-robocop-video-add-on-kodi/ Watching in crystal clear HD...
  2. Hi mate, I''ve sent you a text but not heard anything, have you still got them? Thanks
  3. Tetty was actually MOTM but was unwell at the end of the game and rushed off so they changed it last minute to Johnson. Both had very good games though obviously playing against 10 men helped this.
  4. Since buying two tickets I''ve been offered two free tickets in the company box including pre-match meal hence why these are up for sale. Jarrold stand, Area H, Row BB, Seats 67 & 68. £35 for the pair. Can meet just before kick off or before 12 in the city. Other option is to collect tomorrow eve from Horsford. Thanks
  5. As above, one of the few consistent performers this season however I did think he looked off his game at the weekend.
  6. I know I''m a bit of a Howson fanboy but I''m surprised there hasn''t been much talk of Howson on here? I thought he had a fantastic game, some silky skills that we haven''t seen much of from our team this season. Your thoughts?
  7. Is anybody else slightly frustrated by him? for someone as physical as he can be, I really don''t think he does enough defensively, I really do think Johnson has done far more over the past few games. I''d happily see him benched for Howson when he is fit again.
  8. Any news on Elliot Bennets recovery from injury?
  9. ....Or the fact that off-side should have been called for their goal...
  10. What amazes me was the number of hammers fans that genuinely believe it wasn''t a penalty or a free kick???? I''ll be the first to agree Snodgrass goes down easily but that was a foul all day long? The penalty was a no brainer too, Jussi went through Hooper to get to the ball. I also noted that not one cared to mention the Norwich red card at Upton Park last year!
  11. Though a am genuinely a big fan of Wes, I think some people are deluded with regards to his ability. A few times a year he has a great performance which people seem to hang on to. IMO you can''t play him anywhere else other than behind the lone striker and when playing that position, they have to score goals, he never seems to be confident enough to have a shot unless there are no other options (and then they only seem to be tame efforts!).
  12. Away from all the doom and gloom of some supporters on here, Loza has completed a month long loan deal to Coventry. All the best to the lad!
  13. Agreed, sometimes I think if he could stay fit and nail down a starting position a few weeks on the bounce, he''ll click even better with the players around him. Gave them all sorts of bother at time.
  14. Lots of threads on other individuals today but I''m a little surprised to not see much mention for Pilkington? In my opinion, I think he had a great game and looked pretty lively, a very different player to Redmond for sure. Any one else agree?
  15. Ruddy Whittaker Martin Turner Olsson Snodgrass Howson Johnson Redmond Wolfswinkle Hooper
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