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  1. I am going to clap our team, Norwich CityManagers, Chairman, Directors, and Players come and go but the fans will allways be here generation after generation.Lets forget about Lambert he is a figureof the past we thanked him and praised him when he was here, he left of his own accord, whatever the legal wrangle - it is irelevent, he wanted to speak to Villa in my mind he wanted to leave, end of story. They are a rival in this Division he is their Manager ergo he is a rival Manager.Lets focus on supporting OUR team OUR Club and get behind them and help them through this rough patch. OTBC.
  2. Same could be said for Redknapp, who is seen by some as the solution to our temporary dip in form.
  3. I think the word these days is retro.Fergie Snr isnt much of a modern man, he has done pretty well.
  4. Sounds like either Ferguson or Fry will have to make way if they continue to disagree and it loks like the Chairman is siding with Fergie Jnr.Could Fry be a usefull addtion to our back room or scouting team? He has a good track record of uneathing players and with the deadwood we have to move out Ward etc he is well known to inflate prices and we may return a profit on them.Also as Hughton has not managed a club for no longer than 18 months and Calderwood and Trollope dont have any achivements of note in their managment carrers Mr Fry could offer his wisdom onto them.He is often at Carrow Road watchinfg matches and I think he will add to the profile of the club.just a thought........
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