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  1. What people are forgetting is that, as a squad of players, we have actually improved... IMO, it''s down to tactics and management to get from games, what we did last year. People suggest last year the league was very poor, but 3 very poor teams went down last year, and were replaced by teams, which in my opinion, are significantly worse. Get our coaching, tactical setup and confidence in management back and I will have no worries regarding the rest of the season. Until these issues are addressed though I can only predict doom!
  2. And I also agree, that yes. 3-5-2 would be another suitable option, again using the 5 in the midfield to exploit that key space, and using wide players such as Bennett and Garrido... I find it remarkable we are 6 league games in and we have not seen a change... modern managers, modern football dictates that change needs to happen regularly, just look at the success modern managers are having!
  3. When I said, said that it is a fact that formations such as the diamond midfield, and a 4-2-3-1 are our best systems, I was wrong. What I was intending to say was that, it is a fact, that our best systems utilize the spaces between the traditional areas of the pitch. Using the likes of Howson (when forward, rather than deep), Hoolahan, Fox and soon, Butterfield and Tetty. When C.H first joined the club, my first concern was that he comes from a very old-school football school, not understanding the importance of these areas of the pitch and exploiting them with the likes of the players we have at the club, and the proof, that I would say I have of this, is that he only experimented with these during the cup fixtures, as he, C.H, himself is not comfortable in the management of these systems, as his comment re. Hoolahan after the West Ham game would lead me to believe. I just feel that C.H will drive himself to the sack, or us to relegation if he does not realise that he has to play to our player''s strengths, Asap.
  4. I have read lots of comments on C.H''s performance as manager during these opening 6 games, and can not argue with any of the negative comments, but have not seen many people openly say what THEY would be doing instead, so I thought I would share my 2 cents about transfers and starting XI. Signing of a striker: Remembering this is our transitional year, clearing debts and putting the club into a solid and, honestly, fantastic financial position - why should of the board signed a new striker for big money in the window? See it from THEIR point, we still have the same strikers that saw us finish 12th last year... we have not lost any players, and have developed our creative options in midfield... why spend money? Personally, I think we should have developed our striker force, but from a business point of view (and that''s what''s most important this year) we still had the strikers that secured us a solid league positioning last year. STARTING XI, AND FORMATIONS. Personally, I think C.H is making one fundamental error in regards to his team selection, and that he is trying to force his system onto a squad of players which just isn''t suited to these formations and styles. We have the players that suit 4-2-3-1 and the Diamond, FACT. I honestly can not see, for the life of me, why a 4-2-3-1 of.. GK: Ruddy RB: Martin/Whittaker CB: Bennett/Turner/Bassong LB: Marc/Garrido DM: Johnson/Tetty/Howson/Lappin/Surman/ LW: Pilks/Snod/Surman/Butterfield RW: Bennett/Snodgrass/Butterfield CAM: Howson/Hoolahan/Butterfield/C.Martin STK: Holt/Morro/Jacko/C.Martin To me, it''s glaringly obviously that our players scream the options of filling the holes between def/mid and mid/fwd... and therefor the Diamond or the new, Chelseaesq, 4-2-3-1... and it pains me to not see it played. What''s your views? Remember these are my opinions, and I am entitled to them, I am really keen to know what you think!
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