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  1. its not always about individuals though, yes jk is a good player but its how the back four work as a unit thats why glenn should stick with the  doc and not of changed it cos they seemed to be working as a back four with him in it!
  2. (From the skysports boards) Superkid Jean Carlos Chera You may have heard of this amazing 9 year old Brazilian who is unbelievably being touted as the next Pele with Man U amongst others watching him. Watch his video and marvel at his outstanding range of skills, whether bending a dipping shot in to the top corner, or mugging the full back...this kid could have what it takes. http://www.jean-carlos-chera.com/ Your opinions on the world''s first Internet star??? www.jean-carlos-chera.com  
  3. While out last night me and some mates got stuck on this topic so i thought i would ask you lot, who do you think the better player was/is Eadie (while he was at norwich) or Hucks? Discuss!!! 
  4. Rumour going around that he picked up a knock in training
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