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  1. [quote user="The Pink un Role Model"]Is that through experience? Because that sounds complete b0ll0cks to me.[/quote] Of course it does. Why wouldn''t it be complete bo11ocks to you?
  2. [quote user="CambridgeCanary"]When I saw the title I thought that this was going to be an entirely different thread. I''m not sure I even understand LDC''s point but I thought he was going to address the callous and disgusting nature of some fans. I thought he would be having a go at the "get rid" brigade who regard players as toys or characters in a computer game to be thrown away when you are bored or fed up. I''m old school and proud of it. I wouldn''t treat our club with any less respect than the people I employ. That''s the key word "people". Our players are real. They are people with feelings, faults, pride and dignity as much as any poster on here. To dismiss the efforts of someone who has played here and given his best with phrases like "Simple. Not good enough. Get rid" is pathetic and disrespectful. More tellingly perhaps, they are men with wives, homes, children and families. They can''t just move their whole lives because some clowns think they are in a computer game and people can adjust their lives to suit. Of course, football is a harsh and ruthless employer. Players are sold, sacked or have their careers terminated when a contract comes to an end. You would need a heart of stone or no heart at all not to feel sympathy for Simeon. It''s tough, it''s football. Thanks for all you''ve done and good luck. But "get rid"? Perhaps your bosses should decide to get rid of you. Perhaps then you''d know the difference between the reality of having a home and family and losing your job. Perhaps you''d know the difficulty of having to move to another region to get work. Perhaps you could leave the virtual world and rejoin this one.[/quote]This!I''m not sure that the thought being explored in this post has anything to do with the title. Maybe the title should be, ''Do you prefer pretending to be a subbuteo player/manager, or a computer game player/manger?". Neither of which have anything to do with real soccer players living real lives, and everything to do with the imaginations of those playing the games.
  3. As much as I love the nostalgic tone of this post, I''d like to address the OP''s original question: "Are players real people or toys to be played with?". This is a great philosophical questions that I will not get into, since few would actually read the response. So I''ll keep it brief. Working with the frame of reference generated by the space-time frame we have been conditioned to; Players are people which are sometimes treated as toys and there are some people who treat toys as though they might be people. It is a symptom of a deep psychological disconnect from reality that is brought on by existing in an unenlightened state of consciousness associated with the ignorance found in the human condition.A question with just as much validity would be, "Is a football played, or does the football play the game?". As a footnote: Imagination is a dangerous thing. Creativity is a wonderful thing. Learn the difference and you''ll save yourself at least a decade.
  4. Our new kit is here. I think the video is fun, but the kit looks simple.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2324847/Norwich-stars-given-runaround-academy-kids-hilarious-video.html I enjoyed this classic:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xew50XrbOLUAnd I thought the kit looked sharp
  5. [quote user="lincoln canary"]And furthermore I believe a bid of £8 million would be enough.[/quote]Put the pipe down...is causes typos. You missed out the ''1'' in front of the 8.
  6. [quote user="Mervmeister"]OK.... If we could get say £10m fro Ruddy and eat someone like That young reading gk for say £4m. But would give us another outfield signing for £6m. Would you be happy? Think I would take that.[/quote] I''m sure this is a joke, but I''ll play anyway.ABSOLUTELY.... UNEQUIVOCALLY....NO!!!First, he''s one of the best players in our squad. Did anyone else happen to notice that we played amazing when Ruddy was between the sticks, yet when he was injured, we played like scared school boys? Why? Because Bunn is not of the same quality and we had to protect our goal; hence, defensive style of play.Second, he''s the England #2, with plenty of time to become the England #1.Third, quality English players are at a premium.Fourth, if Ruddy were as prolific at scoring as he is at saving, he''d be on the heals of being a Michu or Suarez.So in my opinion, the club would be completely mad to even have there heads turned for anything less than £20m. Please note I said ''anything less''. £20m would be the minimum for McNally to even start the conversation. Good Lord, give me strength to respond appropriately to those who would blindly see us fall back in the Championship... Amen
  7. The immortalized CCCHHHHAAAAAAANNNNCCCCCEEEEEEEE!Will never here another like it!
  8. Watching it again....I love the fan who jumps the wall @ 18 seconds and wipes out the bill board....
  9. I came across this great moment and thought I''d share. I remember jumping out of my chair falling to the ground and crying. This was a very joyous moment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=KDM88n9ZHk0
  10. Yelloow, pardon me for splitting hairs, but I didn''t see the question of "Should we sign Kalou?" in your original post. The question you posed was, "possible signing for City?".Yes, it is possible. Should we? I believe we should consider it. But my initial reaction is. no, we shouldn''t.
  11. [quote user="Bobert"]Reading Canary some of you guys need to get about in the world. It is Sky TV (Fox TV) that advertises Premier League sides thoughout the world not tiring, poxy 7 day tours to the sticks. You can watch Norwich play in Pubs and clubs and your own home from Hong Kong, and Chicago to Taupo (NZ) and Perth (Oz) without any problems. A coach load of Norwich players playing some Mexican team few have ever heard of is going to do nothing for Norwich if all 25 players are going to get part of the game. Intensive pre season training is the way to go preferably away from other Clubs scouts. Hit the ground running fresh and fit. New players, good weather, etc is all on our doorstep in Europe. 1992 was twenty years ago. The world has changed.[/quote]It would be easier to simply say you don''t understand....
  12. Not sure I see a problem here, if he was indeed practicing for his daughters protection.I think most English people suffer from hoplophobia. They see a gun and they believe that someone is about to die. Heck, my daughter just had her 6th birthday party at an archery range here in Colorado, where 15 other 6 to 9 year old boys and girls used proper bows and had a barrel of fun. I would be more worried about whoever thought it was clever to title the article "Shoot for brains". Nothing like trying to provoke stupid responses with a stupid title. And the quote: "This kind of behaviour should not be tolerated.” Talk about social engineering! I''d have to say that a quote like that should not be tolerated!I myself am about to purchase a 9mm and a compound bow.
  13. [quote user="Bobert"]Turns out that the first game of this US tour is to be against a Mexican Club that are half way down, or half way up, their league. I cannot make out if this Club is in the First or Second division but I think it is the latter. The game seems to have been put together at the last minute presumably because no other team wanted to play us. If McNally can pull the end of season celebration dinner because the boys had nothing to celebrate at the time perhaps be should think seriously about this tour. Three games in a week is not going to be much fun for the lads. They would not do it at peak fitness in the middle of the season and the strain on their limbs of the games added to the travel does not seem the way to prepare for the new season in the Premiership. Not sure who came up with the idea of this tour but does not seem to be in NCFC best interests to me.  [/quote]No worries, Bobert, we have more than 11 players in the squad. I''m sure the lads will play just fine after a few buds.Also, a top 3 company in America is operating in the billions, so saving them a million dollars is equivalent to finding 10 quid in a coat pocket. So I guess that you are right in saying that any fool can spend money.
  14. [quote user="Bobert"]Well I don''t wish to be rude but the replies from you guys all sound like expensive pie in the sky to me for the club. The idea of a "bonding exercise" for grown men makes me want to puke......... this is something fathers are supposed to do with their sons and daughters. Sitting on Greyhound coaches, travelling between clubs along USA freeways, sitting in Holiday Inns during the evenings drinking Budwiser does seem a good way of getting fit for the coming season to me (I used to live in Chicago and travel the States as an auditor) and the boys need to be fit and hit the ground running for a top ten place this coming season. Any fool can spend money and this seems to be an exercise in doing just that. I wonder who sold the idea to the usual cautious McNally?[/quote]So the brand marketing on the west coast, where English teams don''t have a strong presence, means nothing? What? Do you honestly think that the players are going to be kicking back in Napa Valley and sampling the local wine? Trust me, Sacramento is a hole and San Jose is not far behind. These two cities are not exactly Costa de Sol tourist attractions. And sitting in a Holiday in drinks Buds would be an utter nightmare!And please.....to compare the high-profile roadwarrioring activities of an auditor with that of team bonding experience for professional athletes is ridiculous! The most daring thing an auditor ever did on a roadtrip was take the batteries out of their calculator, or work with a dull pencil.It''s okay to say that you don''t understand.
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