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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]You think it''s a waste Winky? Last season''s or this? [/quote] Your tendency to give posters diminutive nicknames is extremely irritating. You like to think it makes you seem like "friendly old Nigel", when in reality it''s a completely transparent and rather childish way of trying to belittle others and, therein, their point of view.
  2. Wants Hughton sacked. After putting three past the most expensively assembled team on the planet, in their back yard.
  3. Are you on drugs, Webbo? You''re posting utter bilge mate. Literally, complete nonsense.
  4. It was certainly up there. If you look at great City goals over the years many have been about sheer power or the element of surprise. This was pure, top class technique. With the neat 1-2 beforehand and the finish, it brought to mind some of Thierry Henry''s most famous goals for Arsenal. It was that good.
  5. We''re only a point off last year''s "heroic" season under Lambert with a game to go. QPR and Reading aside, there''s been much less to separate the bottom 6 or 7 teams this year.Hughton has bought well so far so I''ve confidence in him this Summer. With RVW already wrapped up (impressive in its own right) I hope we''ll sign some players - a central passer/creator somewhere between Fox and Hoolahan, and a winger or two with pace - to deliberately get the best out of him.That all said, if we''re 6-10 games into next season with Tettey and Johnson both still deployed deep, Hoolahan/a new CM not starting regularly, and RVW isolated up front on his own, it''s time we move on to a more adventurous manager.Pochettino''s early success seems to have faded but I understand Southampton''s rationale. Get a homegrown manager to build a solid foundation, then turn to the continent to add a more technical attacking approach. There''s no doubt he''ll be signing players Adkins wouldn''t have a hope of finding, and you''ll likely see some unknown Spanish talents next year and Saints will be an extremely strong, continental-style attacking outfit. I wouldn''t mind a future like that for NCFC.
  6. Agreed. Have a soft spot for Spurs too, and the opposite for Wenger.
  7. This is bonkers. Had to double check the date on your first post. Even now I feel like some trickery has been involved!
  8. Does that sound like hyperbole? Is this the biggest game in our recent history, and possibly ever? When we look back in years to come I just have the feeling that we''ll see it exactly like that, whether our mission proves successful or not. Even compared to the obscene wealth of this league just 5 years ago, the financial benefits of being part of it will be absolutely unprecedented. Wth the new TV deal, this is the moment. Right now. Stay up and we really could set our club up for the next 10 years and even far beyond. No second chances. OTBC
  9. Good post. Maybe its a win/win. We all want all the benefits of the Prem, but being a bigger fish in the Championship and challenging for things week in, week out isn''t all that bad, either.
  10. The difference between us and established Premier League sides is they have pace in their sides, and we don''t.
  11. It''s not even about tactical nous. Hughton has just bled the confidence out of the team, drip by drip, like a leaking radiator.
  12. The forum''s oldest and heaviest contributor and still talking absolute rubbish. It''s unprecedented.
  13. He simply doesn''t have confidence in our attacking midfield and forwards. The plan is to scrape enough draws with everyone playing within themselves. As I said yesterday this is total folly - even if we *do* stay up our attacking players go into next season a shadow of their former selves, knowing full well they''re not rated or trusted. Unless the plan is to replace our entire attacking unit next year, it''s a unbelievably myopic strategy.
  14. Fantastic post, OP. Can''t wait to hear the ''painfully moderate'' happy clappers'' response to this.
  15. [quote user="Ketts Rebel"]He is cautious, but I think he is not confident enough with the players he has to be too attacking. If we scrape survival - and after a serious summer of reinvestment, RVW + others, we may see a different style of play.[/quote] Ketts/Morty, tiime to wake up: this is [i]precisely[/i]the problem. It''s no good trying to scrape through without confidence in your players - even if you DO survive, you will have undermined them individually and collectively. Undermined their confidence to play with freedom; undermined their self belief; and even impaired them tactically and technically. Perhaps irreparably. I''m afraid that this, whatever happens this season, may be Hughton''s true legacy.
  16. No point now. Watching him on the sidelines is infuriating though, he''s a ball of pent up anger, everything is tightly coiled... and that is exactly how he sets the team up. It doesn''t matter if we stay up, many of these players will be permanently scarred by the complete lack of trust placed in them. Morale in midfield and upfront must be rock bottom.
  17. [quote user="Divs crew"]Think u will find its arsenalv wigan on Tuesday[/quote] Aptly named aren''t you, they play Swansea. At home.
  18. [quote user="Man Who Stares At Goats"]Well, if Wigan win their game in-hand, we''ll still be above them due to alphabetical order...... [/quote] Duh... If they win they go above us on GD. You can''t win a game without scoring!
  19. Great post unique, fair, balanced and backed up with statistical fact. Doesn''t make for pretty reading, mind.
  20. Yet another thread for the "Nutty Nigel does his superfan routine and has a pop at inferior fans" collection. Incredibly tiresome.
  21. [quote user="ellis206"]If we are so poor we wouldn''t be where we are in the league now would we. We have had a lot of strange decisions go against us as well this season which has cost us a few points. I find it hiliarous how the pantwetters come out in force after a result goes against us yet this forum was DEAD after the Reading game. [/quote] I can''t stand this oft-wheeled out point. There''s only so many times you can post "well done lads, great result" after a win. Forums are about discussing concerns. If all''s well there''s little need.
  22. Villa were excellent tonight. Sunderland fell to pieces later I''m the game, especially after losing a man, but if you think they gifted Villa the game you can''t have watched it. 4 of their goals came from simply carving Sunderland apart, almost at will. Weimann and Benteke were immense and would''ve put a couple past any side in the division on tonight''s form. What they''ll do to a nervy, depleted City this weekend is, I must admit, a slightly frightening prospect.
  23. Another thread with great potential ruined by petty in-fighting."So many positives at this Club" - shame this messageboard isn''t one of them.
  24. [quote user="lappinitup"]That''s just under £19m. Bargain. [:S][/quote]Certainly is. If they stay up, QPR will in one year make £100 million profit on Remy''s fee and his wages for the entire length of his contract.That''s how lucrative being in the Premier League will be from 2013-14 onwards.Ethics, principles, orthodox economics - none of these now apply.
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