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  1. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Ifollow UK

    I emailed them and the full game replay is avaliable from midday the day after the game.
  2. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Hanno Behrens linked

    [quote user="Thisisbabyish"]We''re going to be linked with every Timo, Dick and Hans going now everyone knows we''re rich! [/quote]This made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.
  3. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Shirt Hoax/Leak with Sponsorship

    [quote user="Matt Juler"]"The current code, which was introduced in 2007, includes the removal of sponsoring operators’ logos from all children’s merchandise, such as replica football kits, and the requirement for adverts to carry information about the Gamble Aware website."[/quote]Thanks for this Matt. The guy I sit next to at work is a Celtic fan and they offer plain adult shirts without the sponsor for the same reason (they have "Dafabet" as a sponsor this season).Could be for religious reasons I''m unsure though.http://celticsuperstore.co.uk/stores/celtic/en/c/kits/home-kit/mens-kit This would be nice for City.
  4. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Ranieri sacked

    [quote user="lake district canary"]Just shows what a parless state football is in.  Disgraceful and degrading and bad for the sport. 

    [/quote]Too right. I am going to throw my feces at the KP''s boardroom windows when we play them in the Championship next season.
  5. I didn''t actually read the rest of the thread so apologies if someone explains above that this may be illegal over here due to broadcasting rights i.e. different to those of MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL etc
  6. [quote user="ReadingCanary"]Its like that website they are shutting downI heard the other day that 20 + more sites have since popped up to replace it!The easiest way to get around this is to charge us £5 to watch the games we want to watch online.Give us HD stream with a bloke commentating.I bet it would be a lot easier than going through all thisI mean BBC MOTD get to watch all the weekends games on TV before MOTD airs (so there clearly is a service which provides it)[/quote]

    The last four lines. Thank you. I have been saying this for ages.
  7. Sammy_Clingans_Nose


    He seems OK. Very difficult to predict this early obviously. Seems like he will definitely be involved next year, time will tell how key his role will be.
  8. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    San Jose Earthquakes friendly online...

    It''s worth it just for the commentary! According to him we started the game with Ayala and Tettey up front!
  9. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Murphy's Goal vs Dorados Video

    Great goal. Video looks like its a highlight from "Football Manager".
  10. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    July USA trip ??

    Nice. Enjoy. I have just moved to Calgary!
  11. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    July USA trip ??

    Robert Barnes,

    How are you getting there if you dont mind me asking?You driving down?
  12. Javi, Javi Garrido= fits with la bamba.

  13. Sammy_Clingans_Nose

    Possible new chants

    Don''t we already have songs for these players?

    There''s a Tettey one about him being from Norway and the really good paella one about Garrido.