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  1. [quote user="Yorkshire Canary"]I think Villa will survive but only just. I do not think Lambert will survive at Villa in the long term though[/quote] One Lambert thread is on page 258! GL
  2. Calling Australia, GL enroute to East Coast Oz, want to keep I touch with all the drama of the Prem and the Villa thrashing what do you watch and where. GL.
  3. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I''m writing for some advice on behalf of a good friend of mine. He is an avid Canaries fan both home and away. But this weekend he finds himself in a quandary. He bought tickets for himself and his wife to go to see The Stylistics at St Andrews Hall. Safely knowing that a Sunday evening couldn''t possibly interfere with his weekend football he thought it would be a nice evening out for them both. But unfortunately SKY TV took a hand and the City game now kicks off at 4pm on Sunday. Then the authorities took a hand and the Stylistic concert now starts earlier with doors opening at 3pm for a 5:45pm start. His alternatives don''t seem to be that great. He could just miss the game and do the concert. Or he could perhaps leave at halftime and be accused of being "a plastic". Or he could watch the whole game and be late for his evening out with his good lady. What would you advise because betcha by golly wow he''ll make the wrong decision? [/quote] Go to the concert and listen to radio Norfolk with an ear piece. Gl
  4. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Pity. I want the Trotters to dish out a good spanking. This considerably lessens the chance of that happening.[/quote] Mungo, a question Are you Cluck? Gl
  5. [quote user="Mungo Bumpkin"]Excellent news - now we''ll get slightly more than the pittance we would have otherwise received when we inevitably flog him in the January window. Nowhere near Premiership quality, wish him well in Championship/League One.[/quote] He has the ability to be the best player in the squad, I hear in training he is something special. Just watch this space. Gl
  6. I said weeks ago that no way would i have Lambert back, we are a Hughton team now, onwards and upwards, one-nil, one-nil one-nil. GL
  7. When i first saw him i thought his size and stature would count against him. I have seen him play twice and he is confident and agile with a good punch to clear dangerous crosses. A good standby but clearly Hughton is concerned about the length of time Ruddy is out and is looking at an emergency loan. GL
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"]About how well we played tonight. About how Wes was the best player on the pitch tonight. How Holty was awesome and only a fantastic save stopped him scoring the winner. How the midfield and defence all but snuffed out Southamptons forwards who every one was saying would cause us so many problems. About how our unbeaten run has stretched another game. How we have got more points now than most were saying we''d have by Christmas. Unbeaten in 8 now is it? Including wins over Arse and Man U and in the quarterfinals of the cup? Did anyone seriously expect better than that? I can''t believe the negativity on here. It''s like the results and performances haven''t happened. There''s just threads criticising and moaning. I really hope the players don''t come on here and read it. [/quote] The fans of Sunderland, Villa and Newcastle will at this moment be very concerned. Loss of form and injuries to key players are taking their toll. We are starting to look like an established Premier team where we can beat anybody on our day. Hughton has found the formula for not losing and getting the odd win. Long may it continue. GL
  9. [quote user="York Canary"][quote user="Joanna Grey"]The signing of Tettey has elevated Johnson into an undroppable (imo) first teamer.[/quote] Johnson definitely thrives in the ''sitting 2'' formation (that sounds wrong doesn''t it?!). A real beast of a player alongside Tettey. [/quote] The two CM and back four are and play as a unit and the spine continues up through Hooly and Holt. Wide players can be changed and we are stronger without Howson and Surman. How different it would have been if Surman had buried a few of his chances. I prefer the more conservative approach and the team is starting to resemble a proper well established Prem side. GL
  10. [quote user="iwansnorwich"]really wish the snakepit would give it a rest with their anti barclay singing. every single week you hear it and it does my nut in. the away fans are silent, snakepit hardly been in top voice and then all you hear is can you hear the barclay sing. the loudest chants from the snakepit are always anti barclay ones too. inferiority complex.[/quote] The chant normally happens when the crowd is quiet, it''s just a bit like giving your kid brother a kick in the shins and he retaliates, we love each other really. G
  11. [quote user="LondonCanary"]Bassong or Tettey for me - cannot pick between them at the moment, both instant heroes, superb signings.[/quote] I''m going to raise a few eyebrows and say Whittaker. Early days I know I do think he will make a huge difference in our ability to stay in the Prem. G.
  12. [quote user="City1st"]Kop a load of this lar http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20199963 [/quote] You''ll never wash alone, wash on wash on with........
  13. [quote user="First Wazzock"][IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/ksykj.jpg[/IMG][/quote] Where,s the button for falling over in a light breeze!
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