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  1. [quote user="Ian"]Our home form is a huge problem. Away from home we''ve been very decent overall, but I can''t remember the last time we looked like winning on our own turf. However, football is a fickle game. I think we will finish top 10, but boy do we need a goal poacher in Jan.[/quote] What on earth gives you the impression that we''re going to be in the top 10 come the end of the season? We are fighting relegation and if the last few games are anything to go on we don''t have the fight or desire to stay up.
  2. [quote user="Mickdundee"]The whole experiment is an absolute joke and always has been People will still defend it though What could possibly go wrong with appointing a lower level German coach and a load of lower level players, in a league harder and more competitive than they’ve experienced before, with rigid tactics and a quite honestly delusional approach, I ask again what could go wrong? All of you who voted yes to the straw poll about wether farke should be given time should hang your heads in shame Useless from top to bottom[/quote] I have to agree. There is absolutely no chance that this ridiculous ''experiment'' is ever going to work. We have cleared out all the deadwood/any sort of quality and brought in div 1/2 players. Farke has tried to bring in the posession game but it just does not work. We have a defence and an attack, nothing in between so where is the midfielder to knit it all together; anybody fancy a Howson at this moment in time?? I get that we''re trying to safeguard the club but the best way to do this is by achieving success; something we are a long way off doing. We need leadership and quality, if not we are going down either this season or the next.
  3. [quote user="Carrow89"]" Jarvis is free to look elsewhere whilst he is recovering". It''s called leaving by mutual consent.[/quote] Jarvis could look all he wanted but who would sign him with his current medical situation? Makes no sense to pay up his contract unless it is deemed by the medical staff that he has no chance of playing professional football for NCFC again. Just maybe, he will make a return and repay some of the money we''ve spent on his wages, transfer fee and rehab.
  4. [quote user="AJ"][quote user="Diane"][quote user="AJ"]I''d get sacked if I claimed this much sick pay...[/quote]Do you not think that the players all have insurance which sure covers them for long term injuries & loss of wages maybe?[/quote] Well of course, what I said was in jest. I don''t think he''ll ever play for us again anyway[/quote] Hindsight is a brilliant thing and if I recall there weren''t too many arguments about us signing him on a permanent. He''s been incredibly unlucky with injuries and could''ve been a big player for us but unfortunately I reckon that''s his career finished.
  5. [quote user="Hoola Han Solo"]If you notice, it was Lakey who picked the fight with me.[/quote] Isn''t it amazing the chain reaction that can occur from one person posting an absolute load of old codswallop......people falling out, getting irate etc.......i wonder why waveney would do such a thing?? Hmmmm!!!!!
  6. [quote user="Darth Canary1"]Well im willing to give it a couple of seasons to be honest. I think the route we''ve taken is the right one.[/quote] I''m presuming that''s as long as we stay in the championship and are competing for the playoffs. Would you still have the same confidence in taking this route if we''re mid table in league one in 14 months time? I honestly don''t think we''ll go down but all this talk about buying players for the future and the big project is absolute twoddle. The only thing that matters in football is "the now" as it all revolves around results. Does anyone actually think that farke will still be here if we do go down and are struggling to get back up? He''ll be sacked the same as every other football manager regardless of what the project is. Come to think of it, I''m sure that Alex Neil was some sort of project initially and look how that turned out.
  7. What a game to follow that.....villa away! That is going to be two sets of very nervous fans, if we lose tonight, as both teams will only have one point from the first 3 games. I do however expect us to take something from tonight so onwards and upwards.
  8. That''s the beauty of the Championship as realistically you could argue that 10 - 15 teams have the best sides in the division, unlike the premier league where you have the choice of maybe 4 or 5. Howson has every right to say that but ask any of our new signings and I''m sure they''d say a similar thing about us.......let battle commence!!!
  9. If true, I''m starting to get rather concerned. I know that the season is still a fair way off however our promotion squad from only two seasons ago has been totally decimated. Now I know that the relegation season and last season weren''t good enough but can you think of any other team who has completely started again and been immediately successful. CJ brings so much to the team, goals, work rate, passion and he appears to be a great pro, so to even consider selling him to a rival (similar to the Howson situation) could be absolute football suicide. I look forward to being proved wrong.
  10. And to answer the initial question I think that team would go down.......minimal first team experience across the entire team would send them straight down to league one. There''s a reason why most teams have a good mix of youth and experience!!!
  11. Interesting development from the OP but worth a good debate regardless. Every team plays with some form of tactics as players all have set positions. If there were no tactics players would be free to roam the pitch at will so we could end up with Jerome at CB and Pinto up front........hmmmm now there''s a thought!!!
  12. I still get the feeling that if he stays next season then he''ll be a massive player for us. After Neil''s departure his performances improved considerably, so if we can keep him happy and settled in the team then we may just have a player on our hands who can drive the team forward to promotion.
  13. Can you guys not see that we''ve gone proper old school and appointed Runar from the ice age films?
  14. I''ve mentioned it on here before but I''m proud of our owners. Regardless of how much they spend/don''t spend they definitely care about the club and that counts for a lot.
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