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  1. Having watched the highlights on soccer sunday with Piper (Ill support norwich now their doing well), big fat joes fat mate, and gunny (get some wieght off) I have to give credit to the ref for his part in gods second goal, firstly the foul on Mac was a couple of yards outside the box, and I would guess that 8 out of 10 spot kicks would be retaken if the letter of the law were implemented each time a defender follows up to early, I for one commend his sense of occasion, he even had to smile when insisting upon a retake, It would have been no way for a legend to be remembered, Thank god he scored with the next attempt, otherwise we might have still been there now!!!. Im sure the big man appreciated it, as we all did. Good luck big man see you back soon. Anyone at the game who would like to post there thoughts about the crewe supports and the after match pitch party, it sounded terrific on radio norfolk
  2. What do you you expect, dosen''t that lard arse brazil (potato heads fat mate) "work"for talks**t as well. On Football focus Saturday lunchtime Mark Lawransen (mr ugly) said that crystal palace were the form team of div1 must be using the same stats, WELL F**K EM ALL CAUSE WE''VE WON THE BLOODY LEAGUE. sorry about the langague, but isn''t it time these so called experts recognised the efforts of all our directors, staff, players and supporters and start giving credit for everything thats gone on in turning this club around, both on and off the field. Far from being a "backwater" I think we should be Lorded as a model club for others to follow. Im sure that a great number of prem and nat''wide clubs would eagerly swap Onward and upward, 4 places plus will do nicely next season, for starters!!
  3. Hi all, this is my first post so be very geninal with me! the doll was bouncing around near us for quite a while it had andy marshall written in a `area of the body that seemed very apt
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