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  1. Whilst it's fantastic the club has come up with a well thought through plan to get people back into the stadium. Have to say the clear intentions from this line have disappointed me. "Bag searches will be in place when accessing the stadium. There is no change to the prohibited items which includes food and drink"
  2. Most MPs especially those in the cabinet are also multimillionaires and just like footballers could afford a paycut. For the record I don't believe either should have to. I also think just like many have said footballers just like many other celebrities are just easy targets.
  3. But how would footballers be making a contribution to the effort by taking a paycut? Now a good contribution would be if said footballers were to give back to their communities (oh hang on they already do, and have done so again). Given the current financial situation I would however guess that what may be a contribution would be for MP's to take a pay cut or fund out of their own pocket the need for their office staff to work from home, not use up to £10,000 of tax payers money. I doubt though that Hancock will be making a statement to this effect.
  4. The best decision to take would be to null and void this season. This would remove any we shouldn't have been relegated or they shouldn't have been promoted arguments as the rules clearly state all teams must play each other twice. As for Sky, BT etc I think with their current stance with customers of no refunds they would struggle to win any legal action with regards to loss of earnings. Once this decision has been made the PL should then announce a fund for all League 1 & 2 and National league clubs to cover the cost of there loss of gate receipts (based on there future projections which they must already have in their business plans) surely a drop in the ocean of next seasons £6bn Tv deal.
  5. With close proximity to the club, and players being able to continue to train with the club would be great to see a link up with them to send a few of our youth players to get first team exposure at a decent competitive level.
  6. Fantastic effort £1343.50 so far, compared with the combined binners effort of… £115
  7. Mixture of buzzing and butterflies. Any ideas if there is another fans march planned like last year, would be great way to build atmosphere going into the ground??
  8. "He plays 8 defenders, 2 wingers (who will be subbed at some point) and a ''striker'' (Leon Best doesn''t count as an actual footballer, let''s be honest he''s awful). " he''s fielding 12 players and they still can''t score or win, sorry state of affairs!!
  9. Maybe with Matt Jarvis QPR deal falling through, there is a deal that could be done to bring in on loan until end of season................ wishful thinking I know
  10. Maybe a really out there, but what about Ralf Rangnick, did really well for shalke before his illness and is definitely looking to get back into football management and is currently director of football for rb Salzburg and Leipzig, would certainly show some intent on our part but maybe looking for a premier league job??
  11. Ruddy - 6- quality save in first half and looked pretty solid, but i would still like to see him command the area a lot more, if he could do that we would concede less goals. Martin - 6 - Thought he did fairly well, was beaten a few times in first half but was also left very exposed. Barnett - 8 - Won pretty much everything he went for, even against Shittu. Ward - 7 - solid game Lappin - 5 - did his best without doubt but dived in to many times we he needs to cut out when he is left back. Fox - 7 - played very well for me and took the goal brilliantly. Smith - 7 - worked hard as always, showed some bursts of skill throughout the game Macnamee - 5 - very very quiet throughout the game. No suprise when he went off. Hoolahan - 6 - His usual self in a game where he is out muscled and found himself isolated a lot, no suprise he went off as wasnt effective. Martin- 7 - Could have done better with his chances in the first half especially. Looked good when he dropped into the hole as well. Holt 6 - Spent to much time winding up just about any Millwall player/fan in the stadium and but did not win enough flick ons and could have done better with a couple of chances he had. Subs: Gill - 6- did well when he came on midfield looked a lot more solid with him korey and fox in it. Jackson - 6 - livened things up and we looked more threatening when he came on, if he had of been brought on earlier may have affected the game a lot more.
  12. I agree with ncfc on this one i have to say watching the stoclport game (i missed the franchise fc game) i felt the big problem we had was we were too one sided because despite playing 4-4-2 when drury or the midfield looked to go left lappin was paying far too centrally and didnt offer us much out wide. Therefore in my opnion (and it is just an opinion) Lappin should either be dropped or play centrally when we go to a 4-4-2 formation.
  13. I would have thought it is to do with the fact that he went to Arsenal as assistant physio in the belief when Lewin took the full time england job he would take his job, however the job went to Lewins cousin instead.
  14. made 10 appearances for brechin so far this season 8 being as a sub, and has scored 0 goals so far.
  15. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Howman"]according my very rough calculations in order to take the capacity to 37,398. The club would have to demolish the city stand building a stand of the same capacity of the south (jarrold for the young uns) stand, adding a 4,000 seater second tier and two corner infill that have the same capacity as the new community stand infill.[/quote]Well, when the Jarrold Stand cost over 10 million to build, and Derby County got a brand new stadium with a 33,000 + capacity for 28 million, you have to ask yourself if you''d be better off (on a purely fag-packet basis of course) building an entirely new stadium ?[/quote] this should have been at the top of my post, apologies im new to this!
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