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  1. Wet Blanket

    Adeyemi joins Brentford on loan

    Lappin he was a good performer at league 1 however this 6 months give him the chance to gain the confidence from being a top end league 1 player after that i expect him to go to a championship team.
  2. Wet Blanket

    Adeyemi joins Brentford on loan

    Hopefully does well like all previous loan experiences and then a championship side would like to take him on loan until the end of the season.
  3. Wet Blanket

    According to a reliable poster on Not606...

    Ah just mentioned this. I rate him he has just never had a good run and often comes on as an impact sub. Shouldn''t be too expensive but would rather Gio.
  4. Wet Blanket


    Who Morison? Also had a thought what about Anichebe? Never really gets a decent run for everton but i have always rated him maybe could be his big break?
  5. Wet Blanket

    pink un on the ball as always!!!

    You''re right however this post won''t last long Pete will whip it off asap to keep the good name of the pinkun going.
  6. Wet Blanket


    Milan thinking about him yes but maybe worth a cheeky bid
  7. Cheers Till got it now
  8. Wet Blanket

    Lost my job today due to love of NCFC :-(

    Got any qualifications pal?
  9. Wet Blanket


    Available. Although misses chances and hasn''t got the best reputation he has scored goals if you look at his stats. Think he would have to come down on wage demands but is at a good age and feel he could do a job and improve our strike force.

    All about realism
  10. Wet Blanket

    Autobiography help required

    arrogance is a vile form of personality
  11. Wet Blanket

    Autobiography help required

    Chopsy what actually in your opinion is a messageboard for? As it seems all we discuss/argue on this forum is what we all believe this board is for. However all views are conflicting and it seems none of us know but you good sir.
  12. Wet Blanket

    Norwich is like Kaizen

    gradual improvements. Don''t be so hasty to say we are not buying good enough players or that we don''t have ambition we are taking it bit by bit but there will be always an improvement as you can see with our squad compared to last year.
  13. Wet Blanket

    Michael Turner

    good player, give him time and he will become our number one at the back.