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  1. The main reason people don''t post is because they get berated about being a troll or a binner! And i am neither. Next time ill remember to post only after wins though. I dont think this is anywhere near as negative as most people and as i have said in other posts we will still be safe under Hughton. I feel though that with his style of play the fans will only take so much of it and if you lose a few games in a row playing that style of football you don''t last long. If you look at Stoke, we are no where near as long ball as them but we are very defensive in our tactics(Not negative) Under Pulis when they were winning they were content with it but as soon as they started losing it was game over for him.
  2. 38 points wont be comfortably safe this year with all 3 promoted teams having got wins on the table early. As for us i would have pretty much expected every result except the Hull one. Even under Hughton i don''t think we will go down with the players we have now, its just whether people want to see us play in the way he sets his team up.
  3. Im going to add about todays game, i didnt expect a win this year from Spurs they are a much stronger unit rather than relying on Bale. I think it is often with us the nature of defeat we run out of ideas which is predominately explained in my post.
  4. So i mostly spend my time browsing the forums rather than posting but i''m going to voice my opinion on Hughton and the way we play. When we first go promoted to the premiership the way you stay up is to attack, this is because teams don''t know you or your players so they don''t know how to defend against your team, Lambert was perfect for this. After consolidating and staying up though teams start to figure your players moves out and learn how to play against them which is where you need to sure up defensively. Again Hughton was the man for this. He had gotten the team to adapt to a more defensive style of play. But here is where the problems have started for us. We rid the high of our unbeaten run which would always come to an end and couldn''t get started again. I accepted this last year and was no where near saying Hughton should go. I felt the players we had werent quite good enough. And i will make a big point about this now it wasn''t due to formation (Name any of the top teams in any league who dont play a 4-2-3-1 at the start of the match) and our season fizzled out and we finished on quite a low. This year although probably with some hangover from last season we have the players, on paper we should easily sit mid table. The issue now is Hughton, he himself is a defender so that is where his priorities will lean. This is all well and good if you have the right attacking coaches behind the scenes. And i just don''t see any suggestion that he does, i don''t think there is anyone who is helping the attacking players work on there creativity in the final third. Im not all for being gung ho from the off and losing 6-0 rather than 2-0 thats a ridiculous thing to say and i would rather win 1-0 most games than score 2/3 in most and lose most. I just think you see massively at times Hughton''s major flaw. He doesnt do himself any favours by not going for it when you are out of the game. Today if we had scored 80th minute onwards there was a way in as Spurs hadnt killed us off but he made 3 like for like substitutions (Maybe even a defensive one bringing Elmander off for Howson although ill accept he had played 180 min for Sweden). Against Hull half time we should have switched it up being more attacking but i believe it was the 70th minute. The overall problem lies with Hughtons inability to adapt to situations and adjust tactics accordingly. He has a great eye for a player (none of his signings has really been a flop) and defensively he has worked wonders. You can see he is at heart a coach he hasn''t got the bottle to change a game at times and waits it out to see if the decision can be made for him. I really like the guy and would hate to see him get the sack which is why the ideal situation would be for him to get the Ireland job. But i don''t think that will happen which leaves him another 6 games to change peoples views on him.
  5. I love the atmosphere that gets generated around white stripes seven nation army when the Germans score. So for RVW Just chat his name to that Ri-cky-van-wolfs-wink-elOr He scores with his leftHe scores with his rightRicky van wolfswinkelMakes van persie look sh**e
  6. I was jesting, but they are Canadian and South African at birth so can technically play for those countries!
  7. I believe we have 4 overseas players; Jackson, Surman, Garrido and Bassong unless we include the Irish!
  8. I was talking about the instigator of this monstrosity of a post!
  9. You are doing the moron like most other Norwich fans on here. That is all!
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