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  1. To survive in the Prem, you need an experienced striker who's going to take the scarce chances that come our way with confident aplomb. There's only one man for that role, look no further than Fabio Quagliarella.
  2. What a shame that we were punished by such a crooked refereeing performance. It reminded me of our recent seasons in the prem, witnessing the clear bias of refs who were too content favouring the big teams. Don''t rock the boat, curry favour. Never feels good to moan about the officials but I share Farke''s anger at what took place. Yes - Murphy, Vrancic or Oliveira should have made it 2-0 and - yes - that ball did go out for a corner after looking at replays. I''m sure the referee (who appeared to overrule the linesman) could tell with his augmented sight at the time. However, there is no question that Elneny deliberately brought down Oliveira as the last man. That is a red card all day long. There is also no question that we should have been awarded a penalty. Husband was brought down in the box with an arm across him and a knee in the back of his leg. In both cases, the referee had clear enough sight to make the correct decision. The linesmen were also able to support him in making that decision but did not intervene or were simply ignored. Wilshere, who made a series of nasty challenges, and the guy that swung Reed around, bizarrely escaped cards. Not to mention Maddison, who had another composed game, was offered no protection by the referee. Questions were also raised about the new substitution rule, which obviously needs to be clarified. Even if Arsenal were in breach, they will no doubt escape punishment. In summary, we were not just hard done by, we were cheated. Of course, all will be forgotten and no action will be taken. Arsenal might even go on to win the cup and take the plaudits. I very much hope they do not, as they deserved to crash out against an overall excellent Norwich side.
  3. [quote user="Horse Renoir"]I don''t think I could ever hate or really even activly dislike her. I just think she''s incredibly naive, stubborn and is going through a very destructive mental phase where she feels she can use the club to play the martyr against all that''s wrong with modern football. She also likes to surround herself with inept yes men in all but the most desperate times to the detriment of the club. I can''t see any scenario where it would cross over to hatred. Even if we float between 16th and 8th in the Championship for the next 3 years under AN (Something I believe is almost certain to happen unless AN loses his next 2 with a whimper) I''d want her to sell up. I can''t hate her for being misguided. To be honest I almost get the people saying they hope we lose the next two to remove AN. If he does turn this around at our best under him, with this squad we''re gonna finish 8th to 4th and does anyone out there really think we''ll win the play offs? We absolutely must go up this year or next. Even when it''s going ''well'' under this manager it''s just not good enough imo and hasn''t been for over a year now[/quote] Agree with all of that. The people around her do not help and she probably does feel she has a mission to show what modern football ownership could be like (see her and Michael''s interview in the Telegraph a few weeks back). However, turning a blind eye to the current circumstances will not get the club the promotion it needs.
  4. Just wanted to write a response to this thread with my own reflections, having been at the game and viewed the television highlights. It''s easy to see the result on paper as another capitulation but the performance was improved. Reading have the highest average possession in the league and we stopped them playing in the first half. We closed them down and dominated the ball for the first half hour. The trouble was we didn''t do much with it and Naismith was the main culprit for lazy passing and poor control. A big moment in this period was Dorrans going off injured when he got (deliberately) kicked in the knee by McShane after play had stopped. Why this wasn''t a red card, I do not know. It meant disruption in a formation that had worked well, with Olsson then introduced at left back, Brady moved forward and Howson having to sit deeper. The goal we conceded was very poor. Simple ball and nodded in by Kermorgant. This was a player that went on to have several free headers throughout the game (I guess we don''t learn). I was watching Bennett try to organise the defence in the run up to the free kick but then he found himself stranded behind the goalscorer as the ball came in. Leaves you wondering what they actually do in training for defending set pieces. The second half began well and we soon had Reading rattled by high tempo attacking play. This was the kind of slick movement with which we are capable of tearing teams apart. Oliveira scored with an excellent, calculated finish and you could see he was up for this game. The away support were all behind the team and a second goal wasn''t far away. Unfortunately, it went to Reading, who were gifted a penalty after Howson''s fumblings on the line. A clear red but, again, Kermorgant went unchallenged for the header across and Ruddy was left ball watching. After the pen bounced back off the crossbar, the only Norwich player who seemed to react was Olsson. A goal and a man down. Considering our run of late, it would have been easy to give up hope. However, Norwich were attacking again and grabbing at least a point from the game did seem possible. The catalyst was Oliveira, who continued to look full of purpose and the man most likely to do something. Then, the double substitution arrived and Oliveira''s number came up. As you''re all aware, this was greeted by boos and chants of ''you don''t know what you''re doing'' from the away fans. It really was a stunning change. The best player on the pitch at the moment was being replaced. Neil commented after the game that we needed pace up front as justification for the swap. Firstly, Oliveira is not a slow player and had been linking up well with Pinto and Murphy in particular. Secondly, why not throw on Jerome alongside him? This, to me, showed up Neil''s decision-making and reading of the game in a big way. He failed to sense the fans were behind the current team and, more than anyone, Oliveira. On Radio Norfolk, Mark Rivers said about Oliveira that there was real emotion in his play. Forget your pre-game tactics and contingency plans, there was no doubt in anyone''s mind that Oliveira should have stayed on. Not to hark back to the days of Lambert, but he would have recognised that and would''ve thrown on Jerome too and gone for the draw (or even a famous win). Perhaps focusing too much on a single substitution is getting carried away but the consequence of this illogical decision was clear. It sucked energy from the side, Jerome ended up making isolated runs and, most importantly, it drew real ire from the crowd. The game petered out and Reading''s third was always going to be likely if you''re trying to commit men forward. Difficult to see from the away end but the highlights showed that Ruddy could''ve done better (hit hard but his near post) and, notably, Hoolahan gave up on tracking his man. This was focused on by Channel 5, who showed him stopping in frustration and letting the goalscorer run on into the box. A very worrying reaction from a player who should''ve been full of energy as a substitute but perhaps indicative of the current mood in the squad. At the final whistle, Jerome walked straight off but it was encouraging to see a few of the players come over to the fans. Pinto and Murphy applauded the support and gave their shirts over, so fair play to them. In sum, the performance wasn''t terrible and having the double blow of conceding a pen and losing Howson made a positive result very difficult to attain. We showed commitment, played some slick attacking football and did stop Reading from playing their usual game for long periods. But defensive errors still prevail and the decision to replace Oliveira was completely wrong. All ifs and buts, yet if Oliveira remained on the pitch I think we could''ve pinched a draw. He was the focal point. Not many managers survive form consisting of 8 losses out of 10, particularly at a side that''s meant to be chasing promotion. I do have respect for Neil but he''s not the figure he was when he joined the club. There is something very wrong with the side and it''s difficult to see how he''s the man to turn it around.
  5. You can argue that Delia and Michael do not have the ambition or financial strength to push the club into the Premier League and sustain top flight football for the fans. You can also argue that they are too soft and shy away from making difficult decisions for the overall good of the club. But to suggest they could end up as the most hated owners of Norwich is a deluded and, frankly, disgusting statement. Firstly, it can be dismissed outright when considering what Chase did to Norwich. Secondly, they do not benefit financially from the club. They have rescued it on several occasions and initially got involved because the club mattered to them. Of course, this does not mean they are immune to criticism, but those fans who call for their head have short memories and little gratitude. Fickle and blinkered, to say the least.
  6. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Mason 47"]All but confirmed in AN''s presser today ahead of Birmingham. Not likely in time for this weekend but with 2 weeks now to get fit and ready, I don''t mind that. Good signing.[/quote]Michael Bailey saying it''s a permanent deal, good stuff.Now wait for all the people who were saying "we won''t sign a striker, all we will get is a last-minute loan deal" change their tune and start saying "he''s a donkey, why are we wasting our money on cr@p players like this?" [:D][/quote]Oh, it''s started already. Congratulations Sir Blobfish, you were the quickest whinger off the mark![/quote]A tough award to earn on this forum, I know. You''re kidding yourself if you think this an ambitious signing for a side that''s trying to bounce straight back into the prem. We know our current weakness is up front (Jerome, Lafferty, Morris). Hope he does well if signed but I want to see a second striker coming in before the window, as Neil suggested before.
  7. I simply don''t understand wanting to sign this player. He''s 25 and has spent the vast majority of his time at Benfica being shipped out on loan. Why don''t they want to play him? At least Ricky van Wolfswinkel got games in the Portuguese league. His goals to games record is poor/mediocre. Don''t we want a proven goalscorer? I can''t believe we have waited all summer and several games into the start of the new season for a player like this to arrive. That said, Neil may see him slotting into the side perfectly and he has some experience in this league. Still, our transfer track record has been highly dubious the past few seasons so have little faith.
  8. - Pritchard is not a replacement for Brady. Brady plays on the left, Pritchard centre or right and only an attacker. More interchangeable with Wes, replacement for Redmond (with Canos).- When Neil talked of attacking options, he was talking about his strikers. Brady is not a striker. - Neil has said Brady is returning to fitness, so you''d expect some involvement in the next game. - Neil in his post-match comments was disappointed with the shape of the defence for the conceded goal. Did not pick out Whittaker. I am no fan of Whittaker but don''t talk bull masquerading as facts. There''s enough of that on the messageboard. It is not a shock to imagine Brady being bought as he is one of our best players but I also think there is a good chance we can keep him. Would you rather go to a lower half prem team and battle against likely relegation again or remain with a team you know well that has a fantastic chance of promotion this season?
  9. PM me up! (Before this thread gets removed)
  10. After the disappointment of losing Forster, Ruddy won me over with his solid, commanding performances and massive contribution to the first two seasons in the Premier League. It seems that since returning from his lengthy spell out, when Bunn deputised, his confidence and ability have been questionable. There''s no doubt he''s had to deal with a changing defence that would make even Gordon Banks nervous but he''s simply not been the reliable figure of past years. His wayward kicking is noticeable, he panics with most pass backs, and the costly spillage against Derby is symptomatic of a goalkeeper who''s lost his once huge presence. Yes, mistakes are made and they''re compounded when it''s a ''keeper but let''s just say I am not surprised by the way we conceded the other day. I really do hope Ruddy becomes indomitable again and can vie for an England place, but I''m concerned he''s become irreparably fragile and prone to panicking. Fingers crossed this is not the case, we need him to be faultless for this vital run-in.
  11. Agree with TC that it can''t be a coincidence Becchio has been overlooked by three different managers. Alex Neil admitted he was down the pecking order but with Grabban out, who do we turn to? Jerome is a clear pick, Hooper waxes and wanes, then it''s the academy boys. For a team hunting automatic promotion at a critical stage of the season, I''d say bring back Lafferty if possible and play him as a centre forward. Always been a fan of trying our highly rated youngsters but we can''t afford to experiment now. If Becchio is fit and Neil believes he has the right attitude, then play him. There''s no doubt we saw glimpses of what he can do but, for whatever reason, there must be some concerns.
  12. As they said on Canary Call, I''m sick of hearing that our performances have been good but without getting a result. What we were crying out for was a second goal in the first half. Forest were rattled after the first but we failed to exploit that yet again. It''s no good having possession if you don''t do anything with it and I am absolutely fed up with us letting teams back into it. The Forest result really was ridiculous and of course we had to be the team to help them turn their season around. We seem to lack grit, desire and any imagination going forward. Worrying times.
  13. LET''S BE ''AVING YOU! As the BBC reminds us, it''s been 10 years since that fateful day when Delia took to the pitch and made that announcement to the home fans. A decade ago and the mainstream media never fail to mention it every time Norwich is covered. Every. Single. Time. You''d almost believe that they have no insight, sophistication or thought whatsoever when it comes to sports reporting.. I BET THE HALFTIME PIES ARE GOOD TOO! COYY
  14. Pilkington has been woefully undervalued in my opinion. Yes, he''s had injuries but I saw him as a key player this season. On his day, a bold attacker with pace, power and a great shot on him.
  15. I was surprised by his behaviour throughout the game actually. He seemed to be getting in a few petty arguments with the linesman and generally came across as belligerent. Struck me as unsettled. Then, of course, the second yellow..
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