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  1. Am split. I agree about not wanting to see RVW and Bassong etc get hacked to pieces however I do think pre season games often lack tempo. Playing ipswich would bring possibly closest we could get to a league match as neither would want to lose plus good competitive atmosphere.
  2. Sorry if a repeat, but just perusing other message boards and noticed a current discussion on TWTD about a possible city v ipswich friendly this summer at Carrow Road being lined up. Some1 reckons macnally has mentioned it?? Portaloo pitch has been dug up so no home games until new season for them. They are already playing col u I think. No idea if true. Thoughts?
  3. On my mind too. I didn''t enjoy yesterday''s game one bit - the atmosphere in the Barclay was mixed to say the least - I didn''t boo the hoolahan decision or sing ''you don''t know what your doing'' but I did get vocal about other things. The majority of fans seemed angry and there were numerous anti hughton chants/shouts. I left feeling downbeat and not enjoying what I am paying good money for.
  4. We will survive, Wigan will go down as the cup is on their minds, and I think Newcastle might not recover from sunderland loss to get another point so will be below us anyway. I think what is more an issue is how we have played. If we were in this same situation under lambert (or played the same as him under a diff manager) I feel we would be a lot more forgiving, but its been pathetically dull and uninspiring hence the negativity (not doom and gloom).
  5. Row D''s post hit the nail on the head in my opinion. I have not posted on here before last night, but got so angered by the ''unless you keep the faith your not a true fan'' brigade that I felt I had to join in. I love this club, I hate watching this uninspiring style though. The Newcastle point row d raises is interesting. I have spoken to 2 separate Newcastle fans at work and the general view of hughton was a: nice guy. B: beat Sunderland c: anyone cud have got that team promoted and d: dull. Nice guys don''t win. To be honest i am biased, I was angry at Hughtons appointment as his CV didn''t exactly wow nor say he was right for a team that had just finished mid table and had a particular style of play totally opposite to Hughtons much talked about style. It''s no wonder holt and co have suffered to score. - hindsight shows us that Swansea did it the right way by going for someone with the same ethos,, and look at them now, Europe and safe (pretty much). We have gone backwards apart from in defence, and he has somehow taken away what got us into this position - a never say die, last minute goal, attacking side. I agree we needed to tighten up, but stoke have a way of playing, and once they stopped doing it ''the stoke way'' then they slipped and the same has happened to us. Still, will continue to follow. OTBC
  6. The negativity is due to playing lots of teams below us (Wigan/stoke recently) and not having the ability to take the game to them. What makes villa any different? A new manager? We can only hope.
  7. We play 2up top most games in a way... Although kamara and holt drift like wingers. but the team has as much energy and drive going forward as a clapped out bicycle with no wheels. That''s my issue with the tactics - no drive or penetration and no inspiration. We might have conceded loads less than last year, but are we in a better position? Goals win games.
  8. What we lack is constructive criticism at games. V Southampton at home someone tried to start an ''attack attack attack'' chant going in the barclay only to be shouted at by another fan because he ''shud be grateful and remember league 1''. Here lies the problem - stoke fans got on pulis'' back, he appears to take note and bang, they win 2 when it matters. We happy clap too much. I''m not saying hughton out chants are required but its not good enough how we are playing, it''s totally the opposite to how this set of players succeeded and we are very lucky that we met Man U/arsenal on an off day. Very lucky.
  9. It is the stick that the likes of BW get that made me start to post again. I am livid with how things have gone this season post xmas, how a side can be made so poor by pathetic negative tactics. Saying that he has sorted the defence out is a joke too - goals win games, we have conceded only 2 less than QPR i think. That''s a stat to be proud of - great tactics.
  10. Doesn''t look too good. If we cannot put Fulham/Wigan/stoke/Southampton/Swansea to the sword then against a villa side on a high with quick attacking players we will suffer - unless hughton decides to change tac. But he won''t.
  11. Villa are tonight showing what we lack, and the reason for our current position. Who do we have that can pick up the ball and make the opposition think ''oh dear''? No one. Villa have about 5 quick attack minded players, who are given the licence to attack - this latter is my main issue - hughton has someone how sucked any inspiration and enthusiasm out of the team and we cannot put teams below us on the back foot. It''s absolutely pathetic.
  12. What we lack is any ability to put the opposition on the back foot/take the game to a team. Pace brings that and we lack it across the team. No longer do full backs overlap, no longer do we swarm forward in quick attacks. For that I blame hughton. If we stay up, and it is totally reliant on Wigan to fail IMO, then RVW needs a quick winger and an attacking midfielder who busts a gut to get forward to feed him.
  13. Quick attacking football putting the defence on the back foot... Oo how I miss you. Hughton out.
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