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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Don''t fall into the trap of widening what this thread is about Robert. It couldn''t be more clear. [/quote] Probably the only trap I fell into Nutty was trying to have a sensible discussion on this board! maybe best to restrict my concerns to the weather and getting from Devon to Norwich on Saturday morning. RP
  2. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I think the thread is discussing those who clamour for tickets against the so called big clubs but don''t bother with games like Fulham. Plastic seems fair enough to me. [/quote] But where do you draw the line? If you don''t go to every game home and away can I call you plastic. Or if someone only goes to all home games and just a few away games are they plastic. Maybe people who only attend home games are plastic. It is an unhelpful and divisive term used in an abusive way by many. I may even have been guilty of it myself at times. Why the law of supply and demand is not applicable to Norwich I do not know. Look at the crowds in our first ever season in the top flight - on the whole not very impressive but they soared for the "big games" whether against fashionable clubs or decisive matches. Was ever thus and always will be. RP
  3. [quote user="morty"]This is what amazes me about this place, people should play the ball, not the man.Mungo does have a valid point, people are just getting their knickers all twisty because of who made it.[/quote] I''m sorry Morty but what point does he have? Read the original post. It is pure Troll suggesting that people who actually support Man U or Chelsea would come on this site. God knows why those of us who bleed green and yellow bother to. RP
  4. Well done Mr B your trolling is certainly having an effect. When are you going to take me up on my offer of a drink before a game? How about the Sunderland game on March 17th. I''ll buy you one with pleasure at a pub near the Stadium of Light. You will be happy as all your so called plastics will be at home watching it on the TV so you won''t have to worry about being seen in the company of anybody lower than yourself. RP
  5. Don''t worry Stuart. Little MB is our pet Troll. I like to be kind to dumb animals. RP
  6. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I know I keep saying this but IMO Snodgrass has been our best player this season and has had most influence on our games. To move him out of the position to accomodate Elliott Bennett would be madness. I like young Bennett''s attitude but quality has been lacking when he''s had a chance on the left so moving Snoddy would be a big gamble. And just to nail this square peg round hole myth about Snodgrass''s right foot his 3 key moments yesterday were twice on the outside to put in perfect crosses to Wes with his right foot and one cut inside to shoot with his left and force the ''keeper into a great save. [/quote] You speak sense NN. Unfortunately I fear that many of the protagonists on this board would not see sense if it was hand delivered inside a lightly grilled kipper. RP
  7. Totally for with no hint of a doubt. Immense yesterday, worked incredibly hard all over the pitch. Does an amazing job for the team. Created space for Wes & Snoddy with excellent runs. I saw a comment elsewhere on this board claiming that he did not look interested. I can only believe that person was not at the game or is a troll. What I saw from the top tier was a man who led by example in everything that he did. He did not score but anyone who thinks that is his only job is deluded. Holt & Bassong first two names on the team sheet for me. RP
  8. Yes I have three businesses. DM is the best thing that has happened to our beloved club in the past 15 years. RP
  9. [quote user="can u sit down please"][quote user="AJ"]There is no way Hooper is worth £9M PLUS add-ons etc. Absolutely no way. Everton signed Jelavic for 5 million last Jan, and he had scored 30 in 45 games for Rangers. The most I''d want to bid for hooper would be around 5-6M and that''s at a push. We could easily get better elsewhere. He''s not the best striker in the world like some of you seem to think.[/quote]AJ the £9m bid was a hoax, we have no idea how much we bid or what Celtic wanted. I wish people would stop saying he''s not worth it.Getting him would be worth £60m plus. We lack a goalscorer and any creativity. We have brought in people to improve the squad and not the starting 11.Gary Hooper will return to haunt us.[/quote] So the £9m bid was a hoax but no one knows how much we bid. Spot the flaw in your logic there? As to your claim that getting him would be worth £60m plus well that is based on the fact that he would be a success which there is no telling about. Let it go. RP
  10. [quote user="Yellow Wall"]A word of praise for Wiz: He may change his signature graphics and avatar but he still keeps his identity. Too many people on this forum hide behind new aliases and haven''t the guts to maintain their identity because they obviously are cowards. I quite often, as most people seem to, disagree with Wiz but at least I know who is responsible for the drivel and for that I give him credit.[/quote] Exraordinary. Both you and he hide behind an alias. Agree with me or not but I use my own name. I do not understand why those who project themselves as so indignantly self-righteous dare not seak under their own name RP
  11. [quote user="Wiz"]And if you moan the ''head in the sand'' brigade call us trolls. So be it![:|] [/quote] And if you don''t moan you are apparently a member of the "head in the sand" brigade. What about those of us who would rather have independent thinking than seek to align with others? What is the attraction of the herd to you Wiz? Yesterday was poor. I was there to see it and have no hesitation in saying that it represented a step backwards. However, I did not see it as taking us to the edge of a precipice. I believe that we can and will return to the positives of October and November but that we have too many players who have dipped in form at the same time. Panicking will get us nowhere and neither will complacency. RP
  12. Can you imagine if it was this country? It would be accompanied by parents on the touch line screaming for someone to belt it up the pitch! RP
  13. I live in South Devon. Have home season ticket and make it to just about every away game too. Each home game is a 760 mile round trip for me. Last year I clocked up 23,000 miles attending Norwich games. Norfolk born and bred and have lived all over the country but always maintained my season ticket. Just approaching my 50 year anniversary of first game and am close to attending my 1600th match. I keep lots of stats - have to do something on all those long journeys! RP
  14. Great idea Jonzey, but sadly this board has more trolls on it than proper posters. Hope you had a great birthday btw. RP
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