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  1. Great News Greg

    It'S VeRy GrEaT nEwS TiMe

    iT''s taKiNg loNgEr ThAn eXpEcTed mOanInG MiNnIeS


    ThE pLaYeR iS iN taLkS aNd sHoUlD bE AnnoUncEd bY tHe MidDlE oF jUlY.


    DaMne''D iF yOu Do daMnE''d if yOu dOn''T

  2. Great News Greg

    It'S VeRy GrEaT nEwS TiMe

    FrEncH iS tHeIr fIrsT LanGuaGe, MoaNinG mInNiEs!


    gOoD nEwS GoRdOn wAs a fRaUd & NotHiNg to dO wItH mE!



  3. Great News Greg

    It'S VeRy GrEaT nEwS TiMe

    Great newS, I can CoNfiRm tHat we will AnnoUncE the sIgniNg oF a pAcY FrenCh SpeaKIng foRwaRd tHe dEaL sHoUld go tHrouGh In tHe nExT cOupLe of WeEks so WiLl bE anNouNced bY 26tH JuNe. 

    ThE peRfeCt FoiL for rVw, jUsT wAit AnD sEe!

  4. AND the Truth OVER Vaughan AND the striker COCK UP will come out ONE day MINNIES


    Perhaps WE should ASK monsieur???? About WAGE caps...........

  5. [quote user="zemas tendon"]

    [quote user="Orford65"]Hughton - 3draws = 3 pts
    Lambert - 1win 2draws = 5 pts

    Two managers having to cope with a completely new squad and a relatively short space of time in which to do so, the latter being our former Messiah who could do no wrong and working with better, international class players.

    I would also suggest Villa have had the easier run of fixtures so far, so why are we calling for the removal of Hughton?
    If Lambert was still with us and had acquired the same 3pts would we be calling for his removal? I doubt it.

    Looking at the alternative choices to take over at Carrow Road, I cannot see one outstanding candidate who would even consider coming here to work with peanuts.

    I was not a Hughton fan when hearing of his appointment, but we have to give the guy a break and some time to show what he can do.


    Spot on!!!



    The blind leading the blind. 


    Peanuts! lol.


    Poor old Chris.  Never stood a chance eh?[:^)]