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  1. Agree that we miss Tettey badly.We have the players to cover for Wes, or at least we should have in Snodgrass, Benno and Butterfield. All three of them could do a job in the hole if given a run of games there.  Tettey and Bassong are the two players that we can''t do without right now. We have plenty of talent in the squad and Hughton needs to find a Plan B. Did he expect to go through the whole season with a first choice 11 and only using the rest of the squad as very late substitutions when his hand was forced?I''m looking forwards to seeing how well we will meet the challenge of a few enforced changes.
  2. [quote user="BWs Cat"]"Pinkun standard procedure" Don''t know about that. But I know standard procedure for you oddities is to keep creating accounts, in order to wreak as much havoc on the forum as possible. You really should leave now, go create a new account and have a "blank slate" to start up your trolling operations once more. Everybody will believe you to be genuine, except for the intelligent among us. Don''t let the door hit you on the way out. Enjoy league 1. p.s Sent you a PM city1st[/quote]Yes it is isn''t it. How are we Nutty buddy?
  3. 0-0  I think that we have relied on our defenders too much for goals recently and that we may soon see a run of games where we will struggle to find the back of the net.
  4. One more question Ricardo. Did you unmask yourself?  [H]
  5. [quote user="City1st"]"Hypocrites?"   no, it is being a football fan, that''s how it works   it is not real life   though I supect it might be for you     [/quote]YAWN... I have just the club for you and I am sure that you would look very fitting in a Tesco bag.
  6. [quote user="question mark"]I''ll clap him.   Some of you have very short memories. [/quote]Very well said.I am sure that they will remember that once we have retruned to a level more fitting with where Lambert & Culverhouse rescued us from.I guess those who want to turn him in to a villain should look back at what their attitudes were just over 3 years ago, when NCFC stole Lambert from Colchester United.Hypocrites?
  7. [quote user="City1st"]  so why read the thread ?   [/quote]It''s entertaining. You lot can be quite funny when you''re trying to be serious.
  8. [quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]This whole episode is likely to suck the lifeblood out of two clubs who can ill-afford it right now! [/quote]Yes, why don''t we just play in blue and white stripes and be done with it?
  9. [quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]If we go down who do you reckon we will retain?[/quote]Chris Hughton more than likely!
  10. [quote user="drurys testamonials mark 15"]Was it a true fans forum or the David McNally Show?[/quote]Sounds like it was the usual window lickers comedy show to me, but what else do you expect?
  11. [quote user="ricardo"]Bowkett seemed serious about it and more or less said "bring it on" (the tribunal). He also said Lambert has walked out on every club he has managed but even so he was still happy for the 3 yrs success we had.. He is just disappointed that PL ended it the way he did.[/quote]Remind you of somebody called Robbie ?
  12. [quote user="ricardo"].As to CH, he strikes me as a thoughtful and genuine guy. He is also a much better speaker than Paul Lambert ever was. I believe he will be a success at this club even if things are a bit hairy at the moment.  [/quote]He may be a better speaker than Lambert, but is he a better manager Ricardo? I think not, but only time will tell.
  13. [quote user="Empty Mirror"] The journo''s at the Pink''Un have to get to the bottom of this.  It''s doing my head in.....[/quote]Titter ye not!
  14. [quote user="Resident Canary Stig"]We''re missing out on the biggest payment this club will ever likely see because of domestic bullsh*t like this! We''ll be back in the Championship, and when we get back to the premier league the gap between the clubs will be monumental. Luck of the draw I guess![/quote]I still think that if we do miss out on survival then it will be because the NCFC board of directors got the call on Lambert''s replacement wrong. Let''s not forget that we still have almost the same squad of players as last season.
  15. [quote user="dpit"]I don''t think different team selections would have made a big difference. Yes it wouldnhave been nice to have Bassong yesterday but...[/quote]Well we didn''t have Bassong last season and we done ok. Why do you think that was if team selections and tactics don''t make a big difference?
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