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  1. After the the debate - " I don't know who the Proud Boys are" says the President. Apparently they are very familiar with your team though.... here is the Proud Boys National Chairman and Republican Party candidate for Congress (from Daily Mail)
  2. Or an English Ajax. Sounds really good to me. BTW they appear to be £20m better off this morning having just sold a right back to Barcelona.
  3. That does assume that the rest of the division isn't in utter chaos - so far pre-season promotion favorites Derby and Forest and Cardiff have shown nothing .... if you said three months not three years I'd agree.
  4. Developing and selling players like Maddison, Lewis, Godfrey, Cantwell, Buendia and Aarons is the business plan for goodness sake. It allows the next crop of young talent to come through and in turn be sold at premium prices. As talented young players see that we can launch them into top flight UK and European football the demand to come here will continue to increase. That's our path back to the EPL, not grimly hanging on to what we have. Whether these players leave now, or later, they will leave. As we already have so many players, IMO I think we should rebuild the City Stand with the funds - call it the Ben Godfrey stand if you like....
  5. Yes, all very positive. And I'm honesty glad all the news is so positive, because I was a bit worried that Brexit wasn't going to deliver the positive news we were promised. Whew, so glad to be wrong on that one ...
  6. Ah Bless... you should come visit one day. Meantime, suggest you watch the polls and election results as they roll in.
  7. This sounds like a very positive outcome .... thank you to everyone who voted for Brexit and kept the pressure on the Government to make sure the will of the people was executed without compromise.
  8. It certainly is. The problem with the orange being it can so quickly ramp up out of control you want to suppress it to near zero to avoid that risk. Meanwhile many more people are dying of influenza. Also interesting is the Covid suppression efforts should have reduced influenza spread too.
  9. At least Jools is consistent. But I suspect he'll disappear for good come January. Wonder what new character will appear in his place?
  10. Yes noticed that decline in testing too. Would be good to know why that is? A reagent shortage? Other countries scarfing up a finite global resources? A politically driven decision? We have similar situation in US - In some states testing levels are rapidly declining, while others are able to maintain a high test level - why?
  11. Fair dues, it was a major step forward to keep a clean sheet Saturday. We will obviously see how it goes from here, but WBA and Fulham shipped another 3 each.... and they said our defense was bad? ( it was, but there were reasons )
  12. " And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love.. you make .. yeah yeah yeah ye yeah......." https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1311166884557930500 I'm sure that little episode will do wonders to gather the suburban voters he needs to close the gap ... not! So Boris and Brexit dudes, that's the US election sorted, what are you going to do now the US and EU will be aligned and the UK is looking sheepishly in from the outside at two of the three biggest world economies?
  13. What an absolute car crash of a debate. Will be very interesting to see how the polls will change as a result of that.... unchanged is my guess, given how dug in each side is - which means a Biden landslide win.
  14. Oh look - London. Rather blows up your BS argument doesn’t it?
  15. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures .... Georgia shouldn't even be close, let alone have Biden and two Democratic candidates for Senate in the lead.
  16. I wonder if they will ask about this in the debate tonight Hospitalized Brad Parscale 'is under investigation for stealing up to $40million from Trump's campaign and $10million from the RNC ....... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8782463/Brad-Parscale-investigation-stealing-40M-Trumps-2020-campaign.html. A guy deeply involved with Cambridge Analytica and vote suppression in 2106
  17. That's fair enough. At the moment though the UK Government is exiting both of them.
  18. What this entire thread tells us is .... just follow the data. From the data you can make policy. It's very simple. Ignore the data (for whatever reason) and you quickly get yourself in a mess.
  19. Candice Owen is like many on the right. Sold their soul for the almighty Dollar. But enough about her, she is an irrelevance. The more important point is what she says about the Supreme Court. It’s funny, I thought the role of a court was to hear evidence and adjudicate between opposing legal arguments. This must be addressed as we move forward as a country, the US Constitution is clear, we have three equal branches of Government and if one goes rouge the other two must reign it back in
  20. This ^ Not to be too religious, but it's the valuation of money over morality that must be re-balanced Something has gone very badly wrong in that regard in our two Anglo-centric countries. It's fixable if we want to, but it will take leadership, and the press / media must be part of the solution, and not exacerbate the problem. "For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul"?
  21. Yes there is a sickness in America, and it needs a leader with competence and empathy to help it heal. Another example - this man was once respected for leadership in NYC around 9-11. What happened? https://twitter.com/revrrlewis/status/1310904556574986240
  22. What’s the worst record that has won a division? was it 7-9 (Seattle) or something like that?
  23. Fox News viewers are going to get a major surprise tomorrow night when a very lucid Biden wipes the floor with a sniffing, addled Donald. The RWNJ’s set themselves up for a huge fall with these attacks on Joe, who is known to have a stutter. People can forgive Joe for that, but Don being revealed as a con man and tax cheat, no way....
  24. It's Tony Khan saying that ... Well known NFL cheapskate.... although it does say that he's trying to buy Wembley Stadium In addition to the Jaguars, Khan also owns the Fulham Football Club and is in the process of buying Wembley Stadium in London. After his bid for Wembley, Khan said: “Today’s news changes none of what we envision for the long-term promise for the Jaguars here in Jax, and it changes nothing as to the goals we have for your downtown.” He added: “And the stronger the Jaguars are in London, the more stable and promising the Jaguars’ future will be in Jacksonville.”
  25. FWIW - the cost to stream an HD feed to someone's laptop even on an ad hoc basis is about 20p per hour. So lets' say 50p for a game. There is absolutely no reason why a game that has already got the TV cameras there isn't free of charge for season ticket holders and for anyone else is not £5 or less. If there are no TV cameras already there then it's different of course.
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