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  1. Dang it lads! Do I have to put my pencil away again? I may have to give my note book to my wife as a scrapbook at this rate. And do the upcoming Brexit FOM changes also mean that current EU citizens would also have to get a Visa? So would we actually know if this is an increase or a decrease in technical talent coming to the UK to the benefit of our economy? And those coming to the UK coming because we welcome immigrants, or because our consumer data protection laws are wide open for exploitation by data mining and facial recognition focused software companies?
  2. Trump is panicking, the Republican Party is panicking. Just look at the polling trend, you can see the lead is building not shrinking - so what's an anti-democratic cult to do .... create chaos and cheat of course. And also lie about the President's health. He's almost certainly not clear of the virus, his "doctor" is quoting a result from one of the least accurate tests available, not the most accurate one.
  3. Oh my. We may have found one piece of good news to prop up the thread title. Please tell me this is actually positive news, and there isn't a counter point to it, as I've been waiting to write something in my rather large positive Brexit changes note book.
  4. Don't you worry boys, we'll be top at XMAS. We may be the only one who hasn't gone into administration too, but we will be top.
  5. Drmic would be a good option at CB. Very little chance of the ball going in the net if he’s in the 18 yard box.
  6. It won’t be a “worst of both worlds” that Farage will claim, but only because no deal truly would be a horrific outcome for the UK economy. So looking forward to Boris’s victory lap BS as he snatches victory from the jaws of defeat. Meanwhile in the US, Joe Biden has signaled that his priority if elected is towards reviving the TPP talks and a trade agreement with the EU.
  7. Quite an insight there Swindon. Time is getting short for a deal. No kidding. So what's the plan then?
  8. Yeah Jimmy G hasn’t recovered obviously, so that went about as bad as it could, but the OL were awful, and the less said about the CB’s the better. Clusters of injuries can do that to you of course, but there was a very worrying lack of fight in the team. It’s going to be a real test of their character over this next 5 or 6 weeks.
  9. Today in America. The Republican led Senate is moving ahead to confirm judge Amy Barrett. No point pointing out the hypocrisy about that or the maddening focus of the media to spend the next two weeks asking Democrats what they intend to do about this - fact is Republicans have the votes, they will approve her. And so the future of the country comes down to the election - which has already started in many States via mail in and early voting. Meanwhile, the President is cutting back TV advertising - that's not a sign of strength. He is going to lose, it's just a question now of whether the Republicans lose the Senate too.
  10. My thoughts, for what they are worth, is that the power lies with the people. Specifically, we can vote a government out. More immediately we can stop subscribing to Sky Sports. And we can delete our Facebook accounts. And not purchase newspapers. At the end of the day all these businesses rely on the British public to fund them. And if we go "on strike" then they will be forced to listen to that. Economic withdrawal is an incredibly powerful tool to modify government and business behavior. Similar thought about multi-nationals and access to the UK market. We are incredibly valuable to them, so there is no reason why we can't set the rules for how those companies are to engage in the British economy. That is especially true of "data centric" organizations, like Google, Amazon etc. Back to the EPL. The message is - it's not "your" league, it's "our game". So thank you American capitalists, but the answer is "no". If you want the exposure that being top dog in the English game brings then these are the rules. Or you can go play in your own sandbox, but there won't be any revenue for that because we aren't buying the Sky sports subscription.
  11. Unfortunately true https://yorkshirebylines.co.uk/bordering-on-the-ridiculous/
  12. Well we have 5 more days to go and then we'll know fore sure if he's staying - at least until January.
  13. Utterly predictable. The entire nation needs a reset of priorities in that regard though.
  14. Fact is dear Nigel, that the President has driven the news cycle every day for four years, so there is no regaining "control of the agenda" - lots of lessons for the media to learn here about chasing the shiny ball, but giving more time for Trump to spout his lunacy is not going to help him at this stage. He's toast. Many lessons for Boris to learn too... voters will wise up, and not everybody has a secret police like Putin to poison or beat those who objects to your rule. The clock is ticking, it's only a question of when your power will be lost forever.
  15. Yes that's the path for Starmer. Tell people we are about to hit an iceberg unless the Government takes immediate action, and then be in place to organize the lifeboats and rescue afterwards. He can also help head off the power grab that all authoritarian cabals try and make in a crisis. For the Tories, they will have to rely on their media friends to explain that it's only a small iceberg nobody could have reasonably seen, that the EU towed it into the ocean, but in any case it will melt by the Summer so everything is going to plan. Everyone should just stay in place while they sort out which officer will become Captain. Oh and tickets for the lifeboat are available for sale.
  16. So the President is determined to hold a campaign event tomorrow, which will be less than the 10 day isolation guidance from the Center of Disease Control. However as we all know by now rules don't matter to Donald Trump or Boris Johnson, and the CDC Director is in Trumps pocket. Another possibility though is that it is already 10 days since he was diagnosed, and the White House is lying about when he was known to be infected, a theory gaining ground because of these snippets of information aligning ..... The White House refuses to say when his last negative test was. Amy Barrett who was the guest at the pre-debate White House celebration after which so many were diagnosed as infected, brought her seven children, two of whom attended a school where she knew that a teacher and children had tested positive for CoronaVirus. So did Donald Trump's own Supreme Court candidate cause the outbreak and infect the President? Now that would be embarrassing to say the least. And a fantastic illustration of the couldn't care less about what happens to anyone else attitude of the "pro-life" Republican Party. Meanwhile V.P Pence has not been heard from today after cancelling his trip to Indiana. Neither have we heard from Attorney General Barr, despite the FBI arresting right wing domestic terrorists who intended to kidnap the Governor of Michigan.
  17. Are you secretly Jamie Vardy in disguise TJ?
  18. Although we may have to add VP Pence's situation to this important subject list.... ... there was a comment during the debate that he had red eyes, a possible symptom of Covid infection .. and today Nancy Pelosi mention that she would be talking about the 25th Ammendment (i.e. secession to the President) tomorrow. What's going on?
  19. The fly images are very amusing, but it's really frustrating that mainstream media outlets are leading with that .... for goodness sake can they stay focused on the serious issues? Candidate's policies Russian originated propaganda Voter suppression Right Wing violence (yes Jools Right Wing violence)
  20. Dang it Big Fish. I was just about to put that one in the "positive" column for Brexit.... ... I guess we'll just have to wait a bit longer. Or rename this thread instead ?
  21. Meanwhile - your hero has spoken : if this election campaign was a boxing match they would stop it already. The incoherent rambling is turning off even his white male supporters, he lost non-white and female support last week. Not good, not good at all.
  22. Jools - " I identified no significant breaches of the privacy and electronic marketing regulations and data protection legislation that met the threshold for formal regulatory action" " I referred details of reported possible Russia-located activity to access data linked to the investigation to the National Crime Agency." So the lack of any rigorous data protection laws tied his hands and the government failed to investigate Russia. Just so we are clear about that.....
  23. And proud of it. Looking forward to the imminent end of the RWNJ lunacy here in the US, soon to be followed by a reset in British politics too towards a degree of sanity.
  24. Yeah I suspect the Covid induced loss of revenue is a lot more serious than initially planned for, and we will be selling to maintain financial stability. Of course from a sporting competitive point of view the effect of this is relative; if it is bad for us, it's the same or worse for the other Championship clubs.
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