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  1. Smart lady, I wish others would open their eyes to that truth as well. I think in US there is a majority that now do, in the UK you would have to comment, because I can only hope there is.
  2. True Brexiteers would probably be happy if everyone fell down dead as long as they could say “we won” Now let’s move past the childish nah nah nah posturing and consider what happens without an agreement. Britain runs a trade deficit with the EU mainly on food and cars. So we are going to stop importing food and cars then? Of course not. And we balance the books with a large surplus on services. So we can still do that without a legal framework to do so? Of course not. A no deal heads one way - a massive current account deficit, financial crisis and a run on the Pound. All good if you are a hedge fund manger shorting the UK, but not for any one else.
  3. It is true you have always said that .... ....it’s become blindingly obvious you are wrong. There is no way the EU is going to concede to allowing the UK to trade tariff free with them unless there is an equal playing field on hidden costs - such as country of origin, hygiene, employment, environment, subsidy rules.
  4. OK genius, he does exactly that and what next? Actions have consequences.... you know and I know this is just a PR move to get past this weekends newspaper headlines...... a “no deal” with the EU, and US and China is a deathnell for the UK economy... given that businesses used to fund the Conservative Party, just who is it pulling their strings now? It can’t be as simple as this Brexit lark is just an Eaton school boy prank that has spun out of control and they dare not fess up to it to the headmaster?
  5. I have come to appreciate Uncle Fred. A voice of negativity that is so refreshing. Like a sorbet to cleanse the palette between your main and dessert courses, or a good snort of snuff. Someone has to do it and I thank him for it.
  6. And in Farage news I see he’s moving to become the UK’s Rush Limbaugh - constantly peddling lies for money and scamming old people out of their savings with dodgy investments ,.... what a man, what a model.
  7. Well Trump did his part - monster raving lunatic party would be proud of that performance - and I see Boris is currently executing his “full astern and lay smoke” maneuvers. We wanted to be Canada, but we are prepared to be Australia .... what an utter national humiliation.
  8. we will have the freedom to do trade deals with every country in the world - any EU designed state aid provision is intended to scupper that freedom Translation - well of course the UK does, however let's look at who we'd want to do a trade deal with : # 1global market - EU oh, never mind. # 2 global market - US oh, Trump is obviously losing. #3 global market - China - oh, well I guess we'll have to sell out Hong Kong then.... next Japan, well Liz did already increase the blue cheese quota. we will be ready to find sensible accommodations on practical issues such as flights, lorry transport, or scientific cooperation, if the EU wants to do that - reciprocal arrangements and obligations should have been at the starting point for any agreement not an alternative in lieu of one . What if the EU says, these are our rules. What then? And geniuses, we DID and until Dec 31 still DO have reciprocal arrangements on all these matters - that is what Brexit is blowing up. we cannot and will not compromise on the fundamentals of what it means to be an independent country The UK Government is about to find out the rest of the world doesn't give a damn what we think about our independent country status. History shows that whoever has the the biggest guns usually wins.
  9. They can't charge him in Illinois because ...... Lake County, Ill. State's Attorney Michael Nerheim's office said in a statement that an investigation conducted by local police "revealed the gun used in the Kenosha shooting was purchased, stored and used in Wisconsin." "Additionally, there is no evidence the gun was ever physically possessed by Kyle Rittenhouse in Illinois," the state's attorney's office added. It follows that if he didn't carry a gun across the Illinois / Wisconsin border that eliminates at least some Federal charge options as well. Add to that Attorney General Barr is corrupt and will do what Trump tells him, which will be to file no charges against any white supremist militias. So back to Wisconsin..... Rittenhouse still faces Wisconsin charges of first-degree intentional homicide in the killing of two protesters and attempted intentional homicide in the wounding of a third. He also faces a misdemeanor charge of underage firearm possession. Those charges are on hold while Rittenhouse’s lawyers fight his extradition to Wisconsin. But they have not been dropped, or otherwise magically gone away. At least he will get a fair trail... the President's preferred path is extra judicial killing apparently. ..
  10. Republicans know they can't win on policy. In fact, the party didn't even bother to publish a manifesto for this election - and Trump can't explain to Fox what his 2nd term goals are. All they have is fear and division, and the RWNJ hangers-on will lie and spin for dear life as they know they have no future if this ship goes down. Back to our revolutionary France in 1790's, communist Russia in 1920's, China in 1950's and fascist Italy and Germany in 1930's analogies - the nationalist "supreme leader" attracts all the wanna be dross, who usually have failed in other aspects of their life, like moths to a flame. Administrative incompetence is welcomed as blind loyalty to the leader is of the highest value. Even when he turns on each of them - as eventually he will - their loyalty means they willingly sacrifice themselves "for the cause". History on a loop, just change the names.
  11. Meanwhile - another day closer to the election, yet another Republican convicted or pleading guilty to fraud .....
  12. This is peak Trump / 2020 Republican Party .....
  13. There you go RTB - summed up in one image - for sure not voting Trump, v's ????
  14. My read on this is the PM's decision tomorrow will be guided by President Trumps' town hall this evening. If Trump does spectacularly well but Joe Biden has a correspondingly bad evening, Boris will be going balls to the wall in demanding the EU concedes to the UK's trade requirements or else "we'll walk away." But If it is the other way around - a much more likely outcome - then Boris will know he gig is up and he'll be spinning that British pressure has "finally forced the EU to the negotiation table, to create a fair and balanced agreement"
  15. Flip Flop Fold, sums him up. Just like he’s just flip flopped over Manchester lock down, he will flip, flop, fold here too. Every time he faces opposition he can’t simply ignore because it’s coming from within his own party, he will eventually fold. Just like his American mentor. But only after a lot of incoherent hot air, waffle about staying the course, the vital importance of protecting our national sovereignty, maybe some fire up the base words about being stabbed in the back by (insert name), and of course It is all someone else’s fault or nobody could have negotiated a better deal, but fold he will. You can bet on that.
  16. Maddison a much better player than Grealish. IMO, Todd just not in their class (yet). I can’t see who’s starting lineup Todd would fit into in the PL tbh.
  17. Nancy Pelosi is not on the ballot. President Trump is, and he can't make his mind up whether he wants a deal or not. First he sat on his hands for three months, while Nancy Pelosi negotiated in good faith and eventually passed a second Bill in the House. The first one, Senate leader Mitch McConnell has refused to consider unless Trump supported it. Then just last week - Trump told his team to abandon negotiations, and to push the Supreme Court nomination through. Then he told them he wanted a targeted deal, because he saw the stock marketing tanking. Then he told them he wanted a big deal and they should prioritize that over the Supreme Court nomination. So yeah, Nancy Pelosi told Wolf Blitzter where he could shove his line of questioning, he's asking the wrong person.
  18. Um no. The Democratic-Republican party was formed in 1790's with a focus on States rights and a limited role for the Federal government. It split in the 1820's forming the Democratic Party, and it split again in 1860, over the issue of slavery, which let Abraham Lincoln win with only 40% of the vote. After the war it lost influence in the North and it became associated with the repression of ex-slaves rights, there is no denying that. The modern history of the Republican and Democratic parties though is almost a mirror image of that history. The Republican Party have adopted the Democratic Party attitudes and vice versa. So to the question of "who are the racists?" it depends on what period you are talking about. So BLM has a genuine beef with both, but it's the Republicans who at this time represent those who want to deny racial equality. Of course not all Republicans are racists, that would be stupid to say, but it's probably fair to say the majority of racists are Republicans. https://www.history.com/topics/us-politics/democratic-party
  19. They are desperate because they know if they lose a lot of he President's men they are going to jail. Not because the incoming administration will be vindictive, but because justice must be done for the country to heal itself from the moral corruption. North Carolina and Georgia - deep red Georgia - being the latest States to show a significant Biden / Harris lead.
  20. Among the things I am looking forward to after the November election is the absolute gutting of the global Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine. They know full well that this story is originating out of Russian intelligence, they and certain Republican politicians just don't care and they repeat this pattern or poison across Australia the US and UK. Enough! This pathetic attempt at an "October surprise" is only happening because their other attempt at an "October surprise" fell flat on its face.... the "unmasking" of Gen Flynn was a request to find out who was secretly cutting deals with Russia i.e. who's a potential US traitor. And this "new" story is the same "old" story the President got impeached over.... so no, the other news organizations and even Social Media are not going to give it any credence, except Fox course. The bottom line is these guys are desperate.
  21. So Boris is about to cave. Because he knows he's totally screwed with Trump trailing in the polls so badly, there will be no US trade agreement to bail him out of the hole he has dug.
  22. Yes, they are just a bunch of vulture capitalists and asset strippers. And now the latest "scandal" is the people running the massively expensive and incompetent track and trace are being paid huge amounts of money.... except that nobody should be surprised, the Tories have imported the Republican model of "anti truth, anti-government, anti-any regulations" lock stock and barrel. Give it 4 more weeks and we'll see if they remain so cocky..... or start running away like cockroaches.
  23. I have my pencil and notebook out again this morning ... is this the positive Brexit news I should be documenting? It does sound like a lot of positive investment in transport and trade infrastructure.
  24. According to Sky News now - https://news.sky.com/story/top-premier-league-clubs-threaten-to-break-away-unless-radical-changes-to-english-football-are-backed-12103649 It's basically American "vulture capitalism" dressed up as being "concerned with the welfare of the game" Time to call their bluff. Go find another league to play in. I'm sure the Championship would be happy to supply replacement clubs. And if the Government were worth anything they would stump up £250m as a Covid related community support fund. p.s. it could be a reason why we are selling ... we got wind of the change and want to put some £ in the bank.
  25. Oh how very convenient .... that's two cases of voter registration system servers crashing on the very last day for on-line registrations this week.... and the judges flip flopping on polling places and drop off boxes, agreeing with arguments it's "too close" to an election to allow that; well of course it's "too close" when the action is done so close to that election legal challenges would fall into that category. That's not correcting malfeasance, that's rewarding it ....
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