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  1. Gosh Swindon, there is nothing wrong with co-operating with Commonwealth countries but a new "union" - what kind of crack are you on? We are talking about trade with our neighbors and the largest economic block in the world, not some lunatic imagining of re-creating a white Empire.
  2. So U turn coming then ..... the door to talks is “ajar” - translation : thie “no point in further talks” announcement was a PR stunt to get past the weekend news cycle (and we were also able to bury the news the PM lied about his affair with the American businesswomen he funneled taxpayer money to) but now that we see nobody in the business community is buying our no more trade talks spin so it’s back to gibbing up another outrage over fish or something while we secretly go back to working out how to get a trade deal without admitting that we have no option but to get a trade deal done .... what a pathetic waste of time this all is. https://www.itv.com/news/2020-10-18/michael-gove-leaves-door-ajar-for-post-brexit-trade-talks-with-eu
  3. Well as the video started out with a picture of Boris and the dialogue “ The UK Government believes .... “ we already know there in no point watching the rest of it. Perhaps the government can explain, clearly and concisely, what the issues are that are (according to them) preventing an agreement with the EU. It’s a very simple request.
  4. If the EU are being so intransigent in the negotiations that Britain must walk away, perhaps the British government would be courteous enough to write those points of disagreement down on a piece of paper and share that with the British people?
  5. Ok RTB As we say in Texas, “ah bless”
  6. Ruthlessly incompetent more like. There is a definitive plan for a right wing autocratic takeover of the English speaking societies, and the incompetence is the distraction from the cementing of power in the "inner circle" States side we see it in stuffing the Courts so environmental and medical and employment regulations can be gutted, as well as gerrymandering of constituency boundaries, and voter suppression. Thankfully we will be starting to put that right after Nov 3rd. As for the UK, the buffoonery is a distraction from the definitive plan to crash out of any environmental or employment regulations they can get away with. The problem that Boris has is that he's going to be standing naked in the political world when Trump loses, so he desperately needs to find a way to save face with a deal - anything that he can brand as a win - which results in the bad cop / good cop PR routine of this weekend.
  7. The Spectator you say. That’s Dominic ****’s wife’s publication is it not? The one Boris used to be the editor of? So we can already presume it’s BS. You really need to be a bit more selective in what you read Swindon. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/05/31/world/europe/dominic-cummings-spectator-magazine.amp.html%3f0p19G=2103
  8. Like all “useful idiots” once outed he will be disposed of. What possible value could he bring to any overseas government? He is not rich, what “wealth” he has is in highly mortgaged property, he knows no military secrets and any political retribution he may be able to perform can be negated by evidence of constant lying. His only value has been to launder money and sell American interests for money. Yes he might decide to fly somewhere, but nobody will offer him asylum because he brings more problems than he’s worth. Send back Trump for trial or face economic sanctions is a very big stick...
  9. Well we pretty obviously were a Premier League team when we were there last year, and without the defensive injuries and shut down who knows where we would have finished? You can't just ignore the home performances against Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs (and cup away) plus Man Utd (cup) and say that we were not capable of drawing or beating top class Premier League teams.
  10. I'm with you there LDC. Great to win and MoM for me was Rupp.
  11. So even Rudy is effectively admitting the "information" is known to be Russian counter-intelligence.....I am so tired of this "politics is just a game" sh!t. Giuliani, and Bannon, and Trump need to go to jail for a long time.
  12. No it wasn't in the referendum, but nothing negative was. I'm more specifically talking of the recent General Election. Show me where a No Deal was listed as an objective of the current government in their manifesto? The will of the people was to elect a Tory government with an 80 seat majority who's leader campaigned on "get Brexit done" and we have an "oven ready deal". Are we not to believe what the government of the day, campaigning to seek a renewed mandate to leave the EU says? And we not allowed to hold to account the government to execute the policies that they so clearly stated in their manifesto and election campaign?
  13. Parliament.to carry out the wishes of the people is called democracy. We can all agree on that. Now the question is what is the will of the people. Is clearly not leaving the EU without a trade deal. There was NEVER a campaign, much less a manifesto, that promised to pursue that.
  14. Look you lot... we have the best three / four attacking players in the division so to heck with defense .... 4-3 every week is just fine for me.
  15. Correction : on Friday Boris said the EU trade talks are over .... on Saturday he said ... on Sunday ... on Monday he said he was optimistic a break through could be achieved ... you lot are so gullible he plays you like a fiddle. He has nowhere to go, EU will not cave, US will not Now come to his rescue - and attacking the smaller economies of Ireland, Belgium and Holland will not get him anywhere other than earn their enmity for a generation.
  16. Dropped from the U23's these two will no doubt still be part of the first team squad traveling to Rotherham. Club's a joke.
  17. I know that is is MSNBC and some will want to discount this because of that; the host though is a President Bush (R) staffer... when did it become O.K for Americans to betray their country?
  18. Squad - maybe : first team no. GK - same LB - upgrade LCB - upgrade (at least defensively) RCB - same RB - same LDM - same RDM - upgrade LAM - same (but he's more experienced now) RAM - same CAM - same CF - same Bench - same / upgrades
  19. Meanwhile ..regarding the "October Surprise" ... the desperate fabrication and promotion of which is not a surprise to anyone paying attention.....
  20. Just the start .... U turn coming next week.
  21. Wow. And the media consensus ahead of the town halls was NBC would deliver a much larger audience than ABC. It was stated as a key part of Trump's strategy for demanding they go directly head to head. Sad.
  22. This is just the start of the Brexit fiasco interrogation - and he already looks scared sh!tless.... he gets away with ignoring the underlying question this time, but it's going to be coming again and again and again....
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